Six is a magic number…

Here’s what I will say about this God-awful losing streak:  It’s okay to be disappointed.  It’s okay to be upset.  It’s okay to be annoyed.  Heck, if you’re the type, it’s okay to be embarrassed.  Don’t let anyone tell you you’re a bandwagon fan because you hate the fact that your team has gone 0-5 to start the season.

But, also, don’t let anyone talk you into being panicked about it.  Teams have losing streaks.  Sometimes to start the season, sometimes in the middle of the season and sometimes at the end.  Regardless of when the streaks occur, they stink.  No one is happy about them.  Not the fans, not team management, and certainly not the players.  Being bothered by your team’s losing streak doesn’t make you a bad fan but panicking about how the team will end up five games into the season does make you an over-reactor.   But, for the most part, that’s normal too.  People over-react.  That happens when you get poked at by all the other fans and even your own sports writers.

We’ll get past this folks.  We will.  More importantly, the Red Sox will.  The poet Tom Petty once said “The waiting is the hardest part”.  Damn straight.


Random stat that doesn’t mean a damn thing and I’m writing it here so people will stop sending it to me:  No team has ever won the World Series after starting their season 0-5.  Whoopty do. You could come up with any obscure fact and attach it to this situation and it would mean as much.  If we have to trot this out let’s use it this way, in 2004 no team had ever come back from an 0-3 deficit in an seven game playoff series and it got done.  This is baseball…anything is possible.  Giving up on the team because no one has begun a season the way this team has is just ridiculous.

Blog suggestion for the day:  Over at Inside the Monster they’ve already decided it’s time to break out the superstitions.  Hey, can’t hurt.

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