We’re number…four?

What the hell?  This wasn’t the plan.  Jon Lester is the Cy Young winner for 2011.  Daniel Bard is going to “All About Eve” Jonathan Papelbon’s ass.  This team was going 162-0 this season!  What happened?

Meh, what are you going to do?  While I can’t argue with the notion that games in April count as much as games in September, I certainly can’t get worked up about the Red Sox losing one game.  Even if it was a game they had an opportunity to win.  There were a lot of positives to take from this game (among them being Jacoby Ellsbury getting on base three out of four at-bats, Adrian Gonzalez going two for four with three RBI, David Ortiz getting his first home run of the season to not only tie the game but to shut up all the sports writers who had their “When will Big Papi hit his first home run” stories at the ready and a bullpen that, until Bard, did their job handily).

They’ll be back at it today…well tonight really at 8pm ET…and that’s what I’m happy about.  More baseball that counts, baby!

Mike Lowell made an appearance last night on the Marlins broadcast (where he mentioned not going back to baseball until his children were older) and while he was there John Buck hit a grand slam.  He looked and sounded very happy (and good!) and it made me miss him all over again.  Here is a screen grab (terribly quality thanks to Extra Innings not being in HD on all channels and my using the computer to take the picture!)…good luck Mike!

The question of live chats was brought up in comments yesterday.  I definitely plan on bringing them back but it won’t be (at least) until after the first homestand next week.  My only obligation day currently is Thursdays and I’d like to hold them during the week so I’m looking at Tuesdays or Wednesdays again (and I’m happy to take suggestions in the comments!).


Random stat that means nothing, really, but sounds good:  The Red Sox lost on Opening Day in both 2004 and 2007.

Blog suggestion for the day:  Jere over at A Red Sox Fan from Pinstripe Territory is in Arlington for the opening series (and got a sweet shot of Papi at home after his home run).  He’s already promised more pictures over the weekend!

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