No Joke, Opening Day has Arrived!

Outside my window the sky and the ground are both white.  I can hear the cars driving through slush as I type this.  If not for the Internet and the MLB Network, it wouldn’t feel like an Opening Day at all.  But, dammit, it is and I’m so happy I could just spit.

(Why would someone spit if they were happy?  I’ve messed that up, haven’t I?  Oh well.  I already spit so it’s too late now.)

Probably not ten minutes after yesterday’s Yankees/Tigers game was over, I received an email from one of my long-time Yankee fan readers that said simply “Yankees are in first place!”.  Now, he was joking.  I know he was joking because he’s one of the few fans who contact me and identify as a Yankee fan who I’ve enjoyed discussing baseball with (most of the time).  But just for a moment, for  a fraction of a second, I got that feeling.  That old “God, I hate the Yankees so freaking much” feeling that many of you are familiar with.  I am quite ready for it to be on this season.

In my new, ongoing effort to share the voices of fellow bloggers, I give you Kristin over at Extra Bases, who is starting her new blog, and the new season, with a poem for Opening Day!

Anything is possible when the season begins.  I’m going to try and embrace that idea and enjoy the heck out of this day!

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