Congrats Carl!

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I’m sure, no I’m POSITIVE there have been times whether on this blog or in person I have said something negative about Carl Crawford.  Probably starting with “Son of a bitch!” which is to say that usually he was getting the best of the Red Sox when I said it (also there is that whole “almost beheading Matt Clement” that I’ve yet to get over).  But he’s always been a player I secretly coveted.  Guy works  his butt off and it shows in the way he plays. Plus, if he’s on the Red Sox he isn’t stealing bases on our pitchers and catchers, right?

But I’m finding that there is a bit of animosity from some in Red Sox Nation against Crawford.  It seems it comes mostly from his part in the basebrawl most famous for Coco Crisp losing his shit on James Shields.  Meh.  The guy wears red stockings now and I can forgive and forget…well, except for Clement but that’s totally irrational on my part since it isn’t like Crawford planned to hit him in the ear now is it?* See, I know when I’m being irrational!  Bottom line is that I like Crawford and it seems I’m not the only one:

Prior to the Grapefruit League finale at City of Palms Park between the Rays and Red Sox on Tuesday, the Tampa media presented Crawford with the BBWAA Rays MVP and the Paul C. Smith Champion Awards. The Champion Award, named for the writer who died in February 2005, goes to the player who best exemplifies the spirit of true professionalism on and off the field.

It’s a nice honor for Crawford and a nice little legacy to leave in Tampa Bay as he begins his career in Boston.  I’d love him to bookend his first season with the Red Sox with these awards to begin it and maybe a couple of MVP awards (LCS and World Series would work for me!) to end it!

Congratulations, Carl.

* I’m mostly joking.  I will admit this, though:  I never see Carl Crawford that my first thought doesn’t go to Matt Clement.  My memory, for certain things, can be very long.

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