Ryan Westmoreland’s Amazing Journey

Shot I took of Ryan on the video board last year on Opening Night at Fenway

Like most people, I find it very easy to fall into a well of pity for myself when things aren’t going well. It’s easy to forget that there are people in the world going through if not issues that are similar to yours issues that are worse. Every so often I believe it’s a good thing to be reminded of that.

Charles Pierce wrote an informative and emotional story about Ryan Westmoreland for this week’s Globe Magazine.  I purposely didn’t read it during the week, choosing to wait to read it this morning when the newspapers were delivered.  If you haven’t read it, you must.  Pierce’s telling of Ryan’s story coupled with Kerry Brett’s beautiful photographs are not to be missed.  This might be one of the few times where someone could say “This puts baseball in perspective” and have it be true, at least it is for Ryan Westmoreland.  The blurbs we’re getting about Ryan at Spring Training practically make it sound like he’ll be ready to play in Lowell come the summer…but Pierce’s essay will enlighten those who are unaware of the seriousness of Westmoreland’s rehabilitation and how much work he has to do.  It’s so hard to believe that, after all he’s already gone through, he’s only twenty years old.

Do yourself a favor today and go read Pierce’s story about Westmoreland.  It might be the only time this year I implore you to visit the Globe’s website!

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