A Family Needs Your Help

A sad update to Andrew’s story. His family tells us that they found his body close to home (overlooked during the initial search because he was under leaves) on Christmas Eve.

I wanted to thank those who commented and those who shared this link to help spread the word of Andrew’s disappearance. It was a sad end to a sad story and my thoughts and prayers are with his family and all of those who love him.

Andrew Hinterleitner

I don’t use this blog for anything other than baseball, usually, but I got a call today about a family friend and feel like this is the best place to get the word out.

Our friend’s nephew is missing.  His name is Andrew Hinterleitner and he went missing from Revere Beach Parkway in Revere, Massachusetts.  He recently went through surgery for a brain aneurysm and was sent hope after a period of hospitalization.  Andrew is white male, in his late 30s,  around 5″6″ and very thin.  His stent is prominent in the front of his forehead.  The family isn’t sure what time he left the house but they know it was before 6am on Friday, December 17th.  .  Because of his condition, he wears a diaper.  He was last seen wearing a pair of shorts, sneakers & a t-shirt, without a jacket.

I put this out here because Andrew’s family tried to contact the local media and were told the story wasn’t newsworthy.  (Edited to add that it should be noted that the Revere Police ARE looking for him and have been since Friday.) It’s my hope that someone sees this message and is able to help the Hinterlitner family.

Thank you for your attention, folks, it means a lot.

(I have contact information for the family if anyone does know anything about Andrew’s whereabouts.  Email me at one of the addresses linked to in my sidebar.)

Edited to add a link with more information.  Both Channel 5 in Boston and the Daily Lynn Item online have now covered Andrew’s story.

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