I hope he knows what he’s in for

Yesterday online only reinforced my belief that 1) most of the sports media enjoys feeding into the frenzy and 2) many (but not all)  Red Sox fans will jump on any opportunity to knock the team they supposedly love and quickly assume the worst of them.

I’m happy the Adrian Gonzalez trade got done and I’m looking forward to 11am today when we get a press conference with real information instead of the gossip and rumors that floated around all day yesterday.  I read such hateful, whiny, entitled crap yesterday that I honestly almost just deleted the majority of the people I follow on Twitter if not for what they were writing, what they were re-tweeting and agreeing with.  Professional sports writers who get paid to report facts were writing about how the ownership was being cheap and the fans were going to turn on the team because of it.  Professional athletes were writing about what bad publicity it all was for the team.  Fans chirping about wanting John Henry’s head.  All of this coming out before ANYTHING was officially reported.  Luckily, the Internet gets shut off easily so I could walk away from the hatefulness but the idea that almost nothing has changed since 2004 is sad.  So many fans still freak out over every rumor that comes out and no matter what rational thoughts get brought in (like, oh, the fact that we had NO facts except that the deadline had past) and I was embarrassed, embarrassed to be connected with fans like that.

Today at 11am, the trade and what it entails will be officially announced.  I’m willing to wait until then to decide whether I should be pleased about this or disappointed in the team.  I’m guessing I won’t be disappointed.

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