Night Falls on Manhattan – 1997

I’m not sure there is any actor I liked to watch more than Andy Garcia in the 90s, which is why it surprised me that I never saw this film.  I was familiar with the title and the cast but I’m certain I never saw this movie.

So I noticed it was going to be on one of the pay channels while I was out and I dvr’d it.  It’s now holds “don’t yet delete it” status (along with the last episode of Sherlock, a Sox/Yankees game from 2007 and the ESPN 30 in 30 documentary about the 2004 ALCS) on my dvr.

There’s nothing groundbreaking about the film.  It just has a solid script, top-notch actors and a director who successfully kept the pace going in a film with little action.  I was riveted from beginning to end.  Andy Garcia being in 90% of the scenes didn’t hurt either.

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