Giving Thanks for Baseball: John Henry et al

Prior to this ownership, I can’t ever remember feeling like the owners of the Red Sox cared at all about their fans.  Heck, I never really gave them that much thought because it seemed easier to think about what I didn’t like about the front office than what I did.  That changed when John Henry, Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino took over.  So today I’m thankful that the Red Sox have an ownership that not only is committed to winning but seems to genuinely care about the fans and their experiences at Fenway.

Under this ownership, the team as won two World Series championships.  The yearly renovations the ownership implements at Fenway Park have helped make the oldest park in MLB join the 21st century without losing its charm.  With Larry Luchhino we have someone who appreciates and understands the needs and wants of the fans and with John Henry we have an owner who seems to genuinely care about the players.

Fans don’t often get to actually like their team’s ownership so I’m thankful that Red Sox fans know their team has owners who “get it”.

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