Eyewitness – 1981

I thought I remembered hearing about this film from Siskel and Ebert and being freaked out that Morgan Freeman played a bad guy and then I remembered that film I was thinking of was Street Smarts (which I haven’t seen).  I never took the time to watch it, though, regardless of my fondness for William Hurt films.  I wish I had seen most of the films I’m watching now when they first came out because I’d like to have that feeling of newness.  William Hurt is a baby in this film so back then folks didn’t have the expectations they’d have now.  Although it did come out a year after Altered States (another Hurt film I haven’t seen) so I guess there were some expectations.  I have no such expectations.

Nice effect having a dog attack William Hurt when the whole beginning of the film is so laid back and quiet.  Ralph, his dog’s name is Ralph.  Ralph isn’t a tough dog name.

Oh so she’s a bitch?  I get it.  Stereotypically nasty, go-getting newsperson.  Now that we’ve developed their characters…

Christopher Plummer is one of those rare actors who was gorgeous when he was young and continued to be gorgeous as time went on.

James Woods and William Hurt…two of the most mannered actors in Hollywood in the same scenes together.  I still love them both.

Morgan Freeman as “Lieutenant Black” smoking a pipe.  A pipe?  Really?

Oop.  Dead boss.  James Woods killed him, yes?  And William Hurt knows it and is being quite.  Hey, that’s Steven Hill from Law and Order playing another cop.

I never realized how much William Hurt looked like John Denver.

William Hurt is totally creepy hitting on Sigourney Weaver.  Foreshadowing?  James Woods claims he didn’t do it.  Hmmm…

“Do your floors need buffing?”  That’s subtle.

Hey, Pamela Reed playing James Woods’ sister/William Hurt’s girlfriend.  I missed her name in the credits.  If I was an actress I’d want to be Pamela Reed. Very understated and really funny.  Like her a lot.  She looks different with the long hair.

Ooh…there goes James Woods’ alibi…

I know she’s using him because she thinks he knows something but is there no way she can’t see that he’s a weirdo?

After a lot of weird stuff, she decides to sleep with William Hurt because he saved her while she has Christopher Plummer waiting at home for her.  This feels like a bad decision.

It’s never good to sleep with your best friend’s sister.  Especially when your best friend is a freak show like James Woods.

James Woods’ name in this is Aldo?  How did I miss that?

So Aldo’s matchmaking was for naught.  Sister doesn’t love Hurt and vice versa.  That was neatly wrapped up.  Too neat for me even though the scene itself was really good.

Sigourney Weaver is quitting her job and marrying Christopher Plummer.  Wait a minute…I’m confused.

Holy crap did James Woods just try to kill William Hurt in the elevator?  Oh, guess not.  So he says. And now we know he didn’t kill the boss.  But why is Sigourney Weaver acting like she didn’t almost get kidnapped by two Asian guys?

And why is William Hurt’s dog crazy now?  Scary scene with him attacking William Hurt and meaning it.

And now Ralph the dog is dead????   What the hell?

How have they been acting like what happened was normal all this time?  Did she not wonder why the Asian fellas tried to kidnap her and run William Hurt down?

I’m so confused…Christopher Plummer killed the Long guy?  He’s going to kill William Hurt?   I feel like I missed something…this is quite a subtle reveal.

Plummer dies and we end with a Weaver/Hurt huggy kind of thing.

I think I hated this movie.  Good potential, terrible execution.

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