Red Dragon – 2002

I loved the book Red Dragon.  I hated the book The Silence of the Lambs (it was really only written so they could make a movie, as far as I’m concerned) and I really enjoyed the film Manhunter based on the book Red Dragon.

I also love Edward Norton.  So I know I saw this at the theater.  I know I did.  But I honestly don’t remember any of it.  So, it’s been 8 years and I figured I’d give it another go because if I didn’t like it then, how will I feel about it now?  Let’s find out.

Jeez, one would think I would remember Anthony Hopkins gutting Edward Norton.  How have I blocked this out?

Ooh nice counter move with the arrows, Edward…and then the gun.  Anthony Hopkins gets top billing in a film that shouldn’t have that much Lecter in it.  He’s barely in the book.  This is why Thomas Harris pissed me off with Silence of the Lambs and the other books.  I liked Will Graham as a character better than Hannibal Lecter.  I like the good guys.

Edward Norton worked out for this film.  Not American History X worked out, but he looks fine just the same.

I’m already mentally nitpicking the differences between the book and the film.  Just try to enjoy it…

Shallow as I am, the blond hair on Edward Norton is distracting me.  Also, they just showed him barefoot and his feet are loooong.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Freddy Lounds was inspired casting.

This book and the original film scared me because of the randomness of it.  This will probably have the same effect on me.

Man, Edward Norton’s eyes are blue.

Ah, and here we go…Will’s going to visit Lecter.

“I let him kill me”  Will to Chilton on how he caught Lecter.  Can’t remember if that’s in the book but it feels like it was in Manhunter.

“I keep getting it for Christmas”  from both the book and original movie.  A lot of the dialogue is the same as the others.

Edward Norton does great reaction shots.  While he’s watching the home movies his responses are just killer.  He says a lot with little words.

Oooh…..Ellen Burstyn as Dolarhyde’s grandmother!!!!  (At least that’s who it sounds like.)   Good casting.

I wonder if Anthony Hopkins acts like Hannibal Lecter at family parties just to scare the shit out of the kids?

Norton and Hopkins have great chemistry.  Gotta hand it to them (even though there isn’t this much Lecter in the book…nitpicky, I know).

Ralph Fiennes really does well in the Francis Dolarhyde role.  Really impressive.

“You’re so sly but so am I”  from both the book and original movie.  Love this line.  Love it.

I think the death of Freddy Lounds is one of the most frightening and well written deaths of all the books I’ve read.  Scared the shit out of me in every form.

“You are privy to a great becoming”  oh, Freddy, say goodbye to your lips.  “You owe me AWE!”

Crap.  I just screamed.  I’m watching this alone and when he attacks Freddy I screamed.  Also, man on fire in wheelchair racing down hill is a frightening as hell sight.

Dolarhyde doing his “homework” (looking at video of his next victims while Reba, his blind girlfriend, is right next to him, is terrifyingly creepy.

Because I know what’s happening, I want to yell at Will Graham “The Door!!!!!  Look at the door!” while he’s looking at the videos.

Dolarhyde is such a sad character.  I  mean, yes, he’s a serial killer and all but he had a horrible life.  The book documents his history well so you develop more of an understanding even though you think he’s evil.

Ralph Fiennes eating The Red Dragon…those friggin’ eyes.  Those psycho eyes.

I remember being curious as to how Will Graham would connect the families.  In the book and original movie, it was because they sent their family movies out to the same place.  This time around it’s that they sent the movies to be made into video.  Still a good (and frightening) way to do it.

Ralph Fiennes makes a perfectly wonderful Francis Dolarhyde and even though I was partial to William Petersen’s portrayal in Manhunter, I think Edward Norton made Will Graham his own.

I liked that they kept so close to the book, more than the first movie did.  I’d like to watch this again just to get more appreciation for the acting.

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