Chinatown – 1974

Roman Polanski makes my skin crawl.  Also, I had no intentions of doing a Faye Dunaway film festival but she’s in a lot of movies that people think I should see that I’ve never seen.  Much like I did with Woody Allen, for a few hours I will pretend that I don’t wish for Polanski’s genitals to shrink up and fall off while I watch this film.

It’s another film I read for a writing class but I barely remember it. I don’t have high hopes of liking this one. But who knows? I’ve been surprised before.

Interesting that all the credits are running at the beginning of the film the way they normally would at the end.    Is this film in black and white?  That’s something I should know, huh?

The opening scene makes me think of Roger Rabbit.  “Paddy cake????”  Burt Young looking at naughty pictures of someone I can only assume is his wife.  Jack Nicholson being cold and uncaring.  “Can’t eat the Venetian blinds I just had them installed on Wednesday”.  And then he has a drink just like Roger Rabbit.

So he doesn’t want to investigate Diane Ladd’s complaint that her husband is having an affair because she’s “Better off not knowing”.  Ah, men.

I know this is a brilliant script and all but I couldn’t care less about the water supply in California.

The first ten minutes of a film are supposed to grab you and make you want to watch the rest.  It’s ten minutes in and I’m bored to death by it.

Gittes makes his secretary leave the room so he can tell a dirty joke.  This amuses me.  Nowadays either they just tell the joke around the women and everyone appreciates it or someone ends up reporting him for sexual harassment.

1975 and the jaw thing is taking shape for Faye Dunaway.  Not as pronounced as in Network but much different than Bonnie & Clyde.  She does a snobby rich chick accent much better than a poor Texan chick accent…I’ll give her that.

Higgins!!!!  Without the Higgins accent.  Disappointing.  Now I want to watch Magnum P.I.

Lots of water in this film…making me have to pee. Also, it’s making me sleepy…the film, that is.

Gittes getting his nose sliced perked me up.  I recognized Polanski immediately.  Ew.

Gittes uses the word métier.  Not believable at all.

I think when you have watched a film for over and hour and still hate it that is an indication that nothing can save this film.

Nicholson looked so handsome to start this film.  Then Polanski messes with his nose and now he’s ugly.  This was the only thing I had to hold onto.

Am I missing why they cast Ned Beatty at the beginning of this film?  I understand the point of the character but was this Young’s first film?  (I’m going to Google right now…) Okay, not his first film but still a relative unknown.

Coming up on the “she’s my sister and my daughter” scene.

Gittes beating the crap out of Faye Dunaway should upset me more than it does.

Ew.  Her and her dad.  TMI, Faye, TMI.

Ooh Burt Young again!  Nice wifebeater.

Faye Dunaway shoots her father in the arm and he doesn’t even flinch.  Well, that’s believable.

Aaand another movie where Faye Dunaway gets shot and killed in a car.  Screaming crazy chick who gets comforted by her father/grandfather.  Eeeeewwwww.

Gittes is sad.  I’m not.  I’m happy this is the end of the film.

“Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown.”  Man, I wish I could.  Over two hours of my life I can’t get back.

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