Keep Voting (and join us for live chatting tonight)!

Make it seven!

Make it seven!

Thankfully, my obsessive voting for Kevin Youkilis kept my attention from fully being on the game last night.  I did get to see Eric Patterson’s two home runs, though, which was pretty damn exciting.

Also helping distract me was email messages from folks none too pleased with my campaigning for Youk.  Here’s a bit from an old “acquaintance” who also happens to be a Yankees fan:

I could care less if Nick Swisher gets in but voting for Youkilis just so he’ll beat Swish is ridiculous. Real fans would’ve voted in Youkilis to begin with not wait for the final vote and use it to spite the Yankees.

“Could care less” absolutely drives me batshit. If you could care less that means you COULD care less. It’s couldn’t, darling, couldn’t care less (and, yes,  responded to him with that and warned I’d be using his message today).

I covered it yesterday and I still keep hearing/reading complaints that if the Red Sox fans wanted Youkilis in the All Star Game they should have just voted him in to begin with.  Based on what I’m hearing now, I’m 100% certain that most of the fans who didn’t vote abstained because the idea of any more Sox players getting hurt is too painful and if the guys can get 3 days off let them have them.  Many people I’ve been trying to get to vote for Youk in the final vote STILL don’t want him in because they’d prefer he take the time off.  (See?  Not all Red Sox fans are driven by spite.)

Getting behind the idea of Youk getting good use out of some rest isn’t difficult.  Hell, it’s why I didn’t vote in the first place.  BUT the idea that Nick Swisher and his .375 OBP, his .509 slugging percentage and his .883 OPS is winning this thing over Youk and his .299 average, 416 OBP, .586 slugging and 1.002 OPS is ridiculous.  Swisher is currently batting .296, has two more hits than Youk and 15 more strikeouts than him.  Aside from the hits and Ks, Youk’s numbers are higher in every other category.  He is, as they say, freaking better than Swisher and Swisher has the added taint of being a Yankee on him so, again, this is a no-brainer peeps.

I’m not going to even bother quoting the email from the frequent Yankee fan woman who writes me to tell me…aw hell, yes I will:

Swish is beautiful and Youk is a dog! Who wants to see his ugly face on national tv?

That argument makes me want to punch someone and is another reason we need to keep voting for Youk – his getting in will annoy the crap out of that obnoxious woman.

Also, there’s this tweet from Tom Caron:

I’m on #wee(i) with Eric Frede today. Just had Kevin Youkilis on the show, and he wouldn’t lobby for All Star spot. We will! #voteyouk

Tonight we’ll be settling back into our Live Chat mode!  Felix Doubront will be on the mound to help salvage the possibility of at least a series win against the Tampa Bay Rays!  Join us at 7pm ET, won’t you?

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