Take to your keyboards, folks

Congratulations to the All Stars!

Congratulations to the All Stars!

I didn’t vote once for the All Star Game.  Not once.  I figured just less than a handful of Sox would most likely get chosen by the manager, coaches and players and didn’t need my vote, plus I truly do not mind the idea of our fellas taking the three days off.  This doesn’t mean I wasn’t extremely proud that six Red Sox players got the call and can be called “All Stars” this year.

Congratulations to Clay Buchholz, Jon Lester, Dustin Pedroia, Victor Martinez, Adrian Beltre and, especially, David Ortiz.  (Papi gets an “especially” because folks can’t bitch that the fans voted in “just” a DH and after his terrible April when many were calling for him to retire, his peers are acknowledging how great he’s played this season.)

While I didn’t vote for the starters, I’ve already voted multiple times for the “final vote”.  Given my druthers, I’d wrap Youkilis in bubblewrap for those three days but, dammit, MLB put him on the ballot against Nick Swisher and there is no way I will allow Swisher to win over Youk.  (Paul Konerko, Michael Young and Delmon Young are going against Swisher and Youkilis…I’m actually okay with any of those three going even though Youk deserves it much more, IMO, just on stats alone. But I can not abide a Yankee winning this thing.)  I also think it’s a sin that Joey Votto didn’t get voted on to the team neither by the fans nor the manager, coaches, players.  So I’m doing my part to write a wrong by voting for Joey while I also vote for Youk and I encourage you to do the same.  Because what’s the point of voting if you can’t do it partially out of spite?

Click here to vote for Youk and Joey!

Click on this photo to vote for Youk and Joey!

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