Moving on up!

Let's stop infielder on outfielder violence, eh Adrian?  Especialy since Jeremy's on my fantasy team!  (Photo taken by me at Fenway on Thursday)

Let's stop infielder on outfielder violence, eh Adrian? Especially since Jeremy's on my fantasy team! (One of my photos from Thursday)

At what point do we begin to feel sorry for the Baltimore Orioles?  After watching last night’s game, I was starting to KIND of feel pity every time the Sox scored and then I remembered that this same team swept the Sox in April and decided to save my pity for after the Red Sox leave Baltimore.  Watching this team with the worst record in baseball who just got their manager fired get destroyed by Boston truly would have been painful had it not been the Red Sox doing the destroying.

Clay Buchholz, once again, pitched wonderfully.  101 pitch complete game shutout and he only gave up five hits.  Definitely took advantage of the shaky state of the Orioles but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I was a little concerned that the Orioles might come out on fire last night in an effort to show interim manager Juan Samuel that they were serious about wanting to win.  I was naive to believe it could be that easy, I suppose.  Sox got 16 hits for 11 runs off of five different pitchers.  David Ortiz was the only Sox starter who didn’t get a hit, although he walked and scored, so all the Sox starters got on base last night.  Darnell McDonald, coming in for Jeremy Hermida (another victim of Adrian Beltre) went hitless as well but hit a sacrifice and got an RBI…so everyone on the team took advantage of the Orioles last night.  Even with the occasional pangs of sympathy for the Orioles, I enjoyed the heck out of that game.

Weekend plans will prevent me from watching both Saturday’s and Sunday’s games (and will possibly cause me to post late on Sunday).  Jon Lester takes on Jeremy Guthrie tonight and John Lackey goes up against Brian Matusz at 1:35 on Sunday afternoon.  My weekend plans are definitely worth missing a couple of ball games but I’ll still be keeping track…love the At-Bat application on my Droid!

Have a great weekend, folks!

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