Well that wasn’t much fun

I was in a bad position to get many good photos yesterday but I managed to get a bad photo of a good shot.  Congratulations, Tim Wakefield!

I was in a bad position to get many good photos yesterday but I managed to get a bad photo of a good shot. Congratulations, Tim Wakefield!

All I’ll say is it was a frustrating game and Wake deserved better (once again).  Two outings in a row the man has pitched balls out (even in his state of being unhappy with his situation) and he has no wins to show for it.  It’s lousy.

Adding to the aggravation were the men around me who seemed more interested in how loudly they could yell at each other than they were the game.  Two of them argued that the standing ovation for Wake was “random” and “stupid” even after they announced what it was for on the scoreboard (and after I told them).  I actually yelled at someone yesterday – a Sox fan – because I’m so tired of being near people at the park who don’t have a bloody clue what’s going on in the game.  Don’t talk to me about “pink hats” because it’s been my experience that more MEN go there pretending to know about baseball and the team when they really don’t know anything.

While the Red Sox can boast another “sell out” game, there were certainly plenty of seats in the stands that had no bottoms in them.  I ended up sitting with Kelly O’Connor (we both had single seats in different sections of the park) for the end of the game in Field Box seats off to the third base side of home plate because and entire four seat row was empty (and had been for the entire game).  I’ve been cynical of the sell out record for a while but this really clinches it for me.  Selling out your tickets to ticket brokers who can’t sell them off doesn’t = a sell out to me.

One thing about Dale Scott…I think, as an umpire, he sucks.  He’s on the short list of umpires currently working who I really can’t stand (and that list honestly is relatively short).  BUT as much as he sucked yesterday…he didn’t lose the game for the Sox.  Not scoring until the 9th inning lost the game for the Sox.  I totally understand Papi getting mad yesterday (and Beltre and Tito and, to a certain extent I’m told, even JD Drew) but I don’t “blame” Scott for the loss – just for shitty umpiring in general.

Okay enough with the crankies.  Sox get a day off and travel to Detroit for the weekend and look to Clay Buchholz to give us a win.  I can live with that.

One random note about yesterday:  After having dinner at Remy’s (third time there – I’m more impressed with their breakfast buffet than their food, if I’m being honest, and it still bugs me there is no tv in the women’s room but multiple tvs in the men’s room) we saw John Lackey across the street with his wife flagging down a cab.  I’ll just say this:  There are some players who uniforms don’t do them any justice.  Lackey seems to be one of them.  He looked trim in his pressed jeans and bright white shirt and, dare I say, a little striking.  I mention this mostly because I keep reading people criticizing him for his looks which bothers me not only because I think it’s a lousy way to judge someone but because I don’t think he’s this hideous cave creature who needs to cover his face in shame.  In any event, it was a kick to see him even for a moment and it was a nice way to end the day.

I don’t have plans to be at Fenway any time soon (my most current live baseball plans involve the PawSox and the SeaDogs) so I was hoping for yesterday to be a little special.  I’ll have to settle with being able to see Tim Wakefield getting his 2000 strike out.  I’ll take it!

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