We know the story how the wheel goes round

Casey Kelly in Portland (Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor and used with permission).  The future still looks bright!

Casey Kelly in Portland (Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/sittingstill.net and used with permission). The future still looks bright!

I know I’ve written this before, but these losses are a lot less painful when I don’t actually witness them.  Went to an early movie last night and missed the entire game from first to last pitch.  I checked the score a handful of times but wasn’t truly paying attention.

I’m quite grateful for that.

SO because I didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.  Okay, sure, it happened.  Regardless of what goes on at Camden today, the Orioles just won a series against the Sox.  See, I’m willing to concede that the Orioles are some kind of kryptonite for the Sox.  Sure they’re the worst team in the league – but they’re still in the league.  They aren’t going to go 0-162.  They’re going to have to be SOME teams.  I don’t love that it’s the Red Sox right now but there isn’t much I can do about it so I don’t see the point in dwelling.  If we have to dwell, let’s dwell on the positives:

A quick look at the box score (which is all I’m using.  That and Ian Browne’s wrap up of the game because there is not ONE other sports writer I want to read right now.  Browne is the only one who doesn’t seem to take glee in kicking the fans – or team – when they’re down) tells us that every one got at least one hit except Pedroia and McDonald (even Van Every and Hall – with a homer from JVE).  We know Pedroia won’t struggle all season and McDonald is probably (hopefully?  No offense to Darnell but I really want my starting CF and LF back soon!) not in the long-term plans for the team.  Out of the 10 guys they sent to the plate, four had two hits including the much-maligned Adrian Beltre and our own Big Papi with two, count them two, home runs.

Now don’t be giving me the “Yeah, but it’s against the Orioles” argument for Papi.  The team hast lost three in a row to the Orioles so they’re obviously doing SOMETHING effectively (the Orioles, that is).  One of those home runs came off of a lefty.  I’m choosing to take this as a good sign.

I still feel like May 2nd is too early to write this team off.  A lot can happen over the course of a season and if we have to go through the pain now to get the pleasure later on down the line I’m going to resolve to be okay with that.  (But really guys, enough with the pain, okay?)  I’m going to guess there’s a good chance the sold-out record will end this week.  While I always dispute the the bandwagoners from 2004 didn’t begin this thing (the record began in 2003), I’m guessing they’ll end it.  One positive about THAT is it could mean hope for those who actually care about the games having a chance to go now.  Maybe there will be more multiple tickets available than singles soon?  I’m not so wrapped up in this record that it bothers me as far as the team holding a record goes – but if the record ends this week it will bother me that people could so easily bail on their team.

I refuse to talk about the pitching.  Not going to do it.

There’s another game at 1:35pm today and the Sox have a chance to come home riding a one game winning streak.  With Beckett on the mound, I like their chances.  Let’s hope they do too.

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