It’s like the bottom of the ninth

For a moment, Fidrych was a rock star

For a moment, Fidrych was a rock star

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yesterday was a bag of suck.  It was interesting to see Lester almost take out Ron Johnson in the dugout with his little hissy fit.  Short of that, I’m glad Jeremy Hermida is getting some playing time and it was nice to see Papi smash that double.

Meh.  Tomorrow is another day.  Today, anyone with the MLB Network or Extra Innings package will be able to see the MFY get their World Series rings (and then watch them lose to Hideki Matsui and the Angels!).  Something both odd and nice about Matsui being able to accept his ring in person.  I kept telling folks I would definitely NOT be watching but, I have to admit, that I’m a little bit curious as to how the ceremony will unfold.  I figure as long as there isn’t a giant statue of George Steinbrenner standing in center field I’ll probably be okay.

On a more serious note, today is the first anniversary of the death of Mark Fidrych.   Fidrych was one of the first player not on the Red Sox that I paid any kind of attention to (he was funny…and then my dad told me he was from Massachusetts…these things  are a big deal to a kid!) and the circumstances surrounding his death took everyone by tragic surprise.  I think sometimes it’s easy to think that these guys who play this game are larger than life and untouchable.  Mark Fidrych lived out his post-baseball years on a farm working as a contractor hauling gravel and asphalt and died alone preparing to do that work.  His life wasn’t flashy or particularly glamorous but I’m sure there are plenty of people missing him today.  God speed, Bird.

While I can think of a thousand things less painful than watching the Yankees get their World Series rings (and a thousand things more painful that I’d rather do), sometimes it’s better to face reality than pretend something didn’t happen.  Plus, I guess this would be the ultimate test of my whole “Sure they won but it doesn’t bother me like it used to” attitude I claim to have.  Guess we’ll find out.

Wouldn’t it be sweet if Matsui hit a grand slam off of Pettitte today?

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