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Papi on Opening Day.  Courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission

Papi on Opening Day. Courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission

Okay, who had “after game 2” for when I’d post my first rant of the new season? You win!

I don’t have that much of a rant, just the same old tired one.  Much like the same old tired crap coming out today about how Papi is done and we know this because he’s played in TWO WHOLE GAMES and hasn’t gotten a hit yet.

Before I go on, some props to Ian Browne and Dan Roche.  Both of whom I follow on Twitter and possibly the only two covering Red Sox baseball professionally with the nerve to write something along the lines of “Don’t be idiots and think Papi’s hitless streak is cause for major concern” while their contemporaries are tweeting and blogging about how it’s the beginning of the end.  Another shout-out to my friend Cindy whose tweet was the first I read this morning:

@CindyLouWho38 I hate the friggin’ CHB. If he has nothing nice to say he should just STFU. There have been TWO games.

This should have kept me from CHB’s column and in general but it didn’t.  I tire easily of the gloom and doom but I seriously didn’t expect it to start after game 2 (especially given the Sox actually WON one of the first two games).

If you follow professional sports writers on Twitter you notice a lot of redundancy.  Over the last week or so I had been looking for ways to decide which ones I would stop following and which were worthy of keeping on.  My final cuts were to be made this week after a game or two and Amalie and Ian made it easy to pick one.  Last year I followed Amalie and not Ian, this year, unless something changes drastically, it’ll be the other way around.  Before the game was even over last night, this is what Amalie tweeted:

That’s 0-for-7 so far this season for David Ortiz. One walk. Not good.

The “Not good.” is what got me. Could we be any more melodramatic? JD Drew is 1-for-8 so far. Jacoby Ellsbury is 2-for 10. Is there anyone who thinks they’re going to get worse not better? Does Ms. Benjamin or CHB or any other annoying smurf* with a keyboard or access to call in a radio station forget that they’ve ONLY PLAYED TWO FREAKING GAMES?  Get back to me in June and tell me hat it isn’t good because Papi hasn’t gotten a hit yet.  Don’t give me this crap about his hitlessness in two games against the FREAKING NEW YORK YANKEES is indicative of ANYTHING.  Good freaking God, people, calm the hell down.

Also media folk, stop trying to insinuate that Papi is worried about his performance because he hurt your feelings last night when he yelled at you.   YOU are the reason he was pissy to you last night.  HE is not the reason.  Ask him stupid questions TWO DAYS INTO THE DAMN SEASON and he should just tell you all to go eff yourselves and be done with it.

On a side rant:  To those of you tweeting, blogging and emailing ME to complain about “exploiting” a five year-old and finding humor and entertainment in hearing him yell “Screm ’em!” in the middle of Fenway Park…well, really, I don’t know what to say to you, but Kevin Youkilis does.

“…it’s a quote…it was fun…”

I’s starting to feel like “fun” is becoming a foreign concept to some folks.  There was some complaining about Pedro and his “milking” his entrance on Sunday.  There was complaining about Neil Diamond (and “Sweet Caroline” in general) and there was complaining about the kid giving Herb Brooks’ speech.  Let’s stop encouraging the whole “Boston is full of uptight people” stereotype.  Sunday night at Fenway was possibly the most fun I’ve ever had there (and I was at Clay Buchholz’ no-hitter, Game 2 of the 2007 ALDS and Game 1 of the 2007 World Series – is it “Game Dropping” when used in context?).  The fans were happy and good-natured.  The entire night was a blast.  Is it too much to ask that we get FUN out of the GAME we all enjoy watching?

Back to my main point…can we all agree that two games don’t mean all  that much – especially when they’re the first two games?  (I want them to go 162-0 every year but since we know that isn’t going to happen I’m quite all right with their going 1-1 in the first two games.)

In an effort to get the cranky off of me, time to send positive vibes to Kyle Snyder who was released by the Buffalo Bisons on Monday.  Getting released is never easy, I’m sure, but it’s just a bit more sucky when it happens the week that the season opens and every team has set their roster.  Here’s hoping something comes along for Kyle soon.  Good luck, Kyle!

The good news for today:  Kelly O’Connor has her Opening Day photos up here and they are, as usual, fabulous!

I’m at Fenway tonight and the first person around me who says something negative about Papi will, most assuredly, feel  my wrath.

* I unconsciously decided that “smurf” was an insult. It seems to fit so it’s staying!

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