Did I throw this out of focus?

It was fun in the moment but I could live without seeing Nick Green (or any other position player!) pitch again.  Photo taken by me last year.

It was fun in the moment but I could live without seeing Nick Green (or any other position player!) pitch again. Photo taken by me last year.

Well that wasn’t much fun.

You know, we can say or write a thousand times that it doesn’t matter if they win or lose because the games don’t count but it’s never fun to watch them lose (unless Nick Green eventually takes the mound).

No Sox fan wants to watch Jon Lester (not as crabby in his post-game interview as I expected) give up four runs on three hits in the first inning.  Wake pitching two innings and only giving up one hit was sweet, though.   So we got some good, got some bad, and the Mayor’s Cup series is tied at one a piece.  Today John Lackey takes the mound against the Twins at 1:05pm at City of Palms Park but it’s a split squad day so the Sox will also be playing the Rays  at the same time in Port Charlotte (in a game Rays reporters were Tweeting as being sold out).  The Rays game you can listen to with the Rays feed on Gameday Audio and the Twins game, also on Gameday Audio, you get your choice of feeds.  So at 1:05pm you’ll be silly with baseball if you want!

One random note – and mark it under “Things that were probably written just to annoy me”:

In the interview, Mr. Tynan said he would dearly miss taking the field in the Bronx in the seventh inning and hearing that “chorus of patriotism” from New Yorkers singing along with him.

His decision to move to Boston was reported online this week by The Irish Echo in an article that envisioned Mr. Tynan singing for the Red Sox.

Asked if this might ever come to pass, Mr. Tynan would say only that he had had no contact with Red Sox officials. As for the possibility of developing feelings for the Red Sox, he said, “We’ll see how it goes.”

Now, if the Anti-Defamation League is good with Ronan Tynan’s contrition I am as well.  Who am I to judge?  It isn’t as if they’ve dug up dozens of times when the man made anti-Semitic remarks.  He said something really stupid in casual conversation and has been justifiably ripped apart for it – including losing a gig he loved in singing for the New York Yankees.  Which is why I even mention this.  People are taking this and the mention in “The Irish Echo” and wondering if the Red Sox will pick him up.  Let me just say this, I would have no problem with Tynan going to Fenway on some random Sunday and singing “God Bless America”, say once.

Well, I’d have a small problem with it.  Three actually.  I hate that they sing the song at baseball games.  I’ve written about this before.  I dig the song – a lot.  But that’s because I like show tunes, which “God Bless America” is.  I’m also fond of Gospel music, which this isn’t, but it mentions God so it at least falls into the “religious song” category.  But there is no place for this at a baseball game.  If folks want to sing about God, that’s what church is for.  Not your local baseball park.  Another problem I have with the song being sung at baseball games is that we already sing the National Anthem before each game (and I dig the Anthem and don’t mind at all the singing of it).  When “God Bless America” is performed we are usually asked to stand and honor the soldiers fighting right now.  This takes away the importance and/or meaning of singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” before the game.  The song is to honor the country and, by extension, the people fighting for it.  I don’t see the point in having to do this twice and I really don’t see the point in forcing people to stand up (I’ve seen more than one fight at Fenway break out on a Sunday because someone didn’t remove their cap during GBA.  I was involved in one – although I didn’t fight, just argued – because, dammit, you DON’T have to remove your hat during GBA.  There’s no reason for it and it pisses me off when people make a big deal about it).  The truly biggest issue though:  When Ronan Tynan sings the song it lasts 47 damn minutes.  No one needs to hear that at a game that many people (not me!) already think lasts too long.  So I vote “no” on Ronan Tynan.  And I really think the Red Sox will do the same.

Supposed to be a gorgeous day in Boston, folks.  Go out and enjoy it!

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