I got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle…

Photo of JD taken by Kelly O'Connor/sittingstill.net and used with permission

Photo of JD taken by Kelly O'Connor/sittingstill.net and used with permission

This morning, my favorite Boston sports media person to follow on Twitter, Dan Roche, broke the news that JD Drew casually dropped that some time around Thanksgiving, he had surgery on his left shoulder to remove bone spurs.  According to JD:

“Just a little shoulder surgery that I had cleaning up some bone spurs on my AC joint that was giving me fits throughout the year last year. We really didn’t know what was going on. We didn’t take any pictures or did anything during the season. It only got worse as the off-season went along. Came in around Thanksgiving had that done, feel great now.”

Rochie goes on to write that they opted for surgery over a scope because the recovery time is shorter. Which means, ultimately, that JD Drew showed up at camp in hopefully better shape and fully ready to go for the new season.  This, of course, won’t prevent the stories popping up in the blogosphere about how awful JD Drew is nor will it mean and end to the “Drew isn’t worth his contract” pieces that crop up every season.  To me what it means is that Drew conducts his life the same whether it’s during the season or not, which is to say he’s private and quiet and jut does what needs to be done and tries to do so without drawing much attention to himself.

A healthy, spur-less, JD coming into Spring Training makes me very, very happy.

(Edited to add a shout out to reader “Marcus” who correctly points out that JD’s surgery was “news” back in November,  courtesy of – who else? – Rob Bradford.)

An unrelated note:  Over at MLB.com, Kyle Snyder is listed as a non-roster invitee – but not for a specific team.  I worry that 2009 might have been the last time we got to see Kyle play professional ball but I hope that there is still a team for him given that Spring Training only  just started.  Positive vibes being sent Kyle’s way.  Here’s hoping for good news soon.

And a brief mention because I’d be remiss if I let the day pass without writing this:  Happy birthday to both Mike Lowell and Bronson Arroyo!  Aside from their birthdays they don’t have much in common except each has a World Series ring from the Red Sox but they’re certainly two huge fan favorites.  Good things for both of them in 2010 is my hope.  For Mike, I hope that includes still being in a Red Sox uniform come April 4th!

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