Most likely you’ll never succeed

Fenway on Sunday was perfect.  What felt like was going to be a cool, rainy day turned into a bright, warm day with a great game and, mostly, great fans.  It was a nice way to end the regular season and wonderful way to enter the post-season.

So yesterday I just basked in the glow of knowing the Sox were leaving in the afternoon and would be ready and rested to play ball on Thursday (I know the decision hasn’t been made “official” but there isn’t anyone who thinks the Yankees plan on starting their series on Thursday, right?).

I enjoy watching tie-breaker games so I should enjoy the Tigers/Twins game tonight – I just don’t have much faith in the Tigers’ ability to do any damage against the Yankees if they win, so I’m rooting for the Twins.  The Tigers just seem to be a total wreck right now and things like Miguel Cabrera’s off the field issues don’t do anything to help that.  (Incidentally, I know the players go out and have a few pops just like “normal” people but if I found out a guy on our team had an alcohol level three times over the legal limit for driving the morning before what could be a season deciding game…well, I’d be a little pissed.)

Whichever day the Sox end up playing, my plan is to host the live chat here for folks.  :)  If everyone turns out to be wrong and the Yankees don’t start until Thursday, the Sox/Angels game begins at 6:07pm on Wednesday.  If they do choose the eight day ALDS, the Sox/Angels game beings at 9:37pm on Thursday.  Either way, please join us here.  The post-season chats tend to be a lot of fun (and we get Donnie O calling the games on TBS!!!).

Three years ago today the baseball world lost Buck O’Neil.  So to honor him, I’ll leave you with my favorite rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame:


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