The less you know the more you want

Kyle Snyder, May 2008 / Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Kyle Snyder, May 2008Â in Pawtucket/ Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Walk-offs are, arguably, the best kind of wins. Especially walk-offs that happen in the ninth inning. I had visions of Wake’s typically quick game being stretched into a marathon game because of a tie score in the ninth. Papi had different visions and sent everyone home early.

(Edit because WP ate my paragraph about Wake!)  Even though he didn’t get the win, thanks to the stereotypical no run support for Wake game, Wakefield looked pretty damn good out there last night.  He seemed to be still hobbling a little but the White Sox didn’t (or couldn’t?) capitalize on his weakness in the field so it’s all good.  As they say, the old guys rule!

Three wins in a row is a nice little streak I’d like to see them continue tonight.

Tonight, I had hoped to find my way to Pawtucket to see Kyle Snyder pitch for the Buffalo Bisons. Unfortunately, arrangements to do that couldn’t be ironed out so I won’t be there. I won’t get to listen to it either because, as seems to be the way lately, along with bad news I received good news too – which was an invite to tonight’s Red Sox game. So instead of seeing the pitcher I want to see I might be seeing Billy Wagner. God arranges things amusingly sometimes, no? Good luck to Kyle. Both teams are at the bottom of the standings so I’m comfortable saying that while I hope the Bisons don’t beat up on the PawSox, I’d really like to see Kyle pitch well. (Wednesday night the PawSox had a walk-of of their own with a ninth-inning, one out, Josh Reddick sacrifice fly.)

The last time I was in Fenway, Junichi Tazawa pitched possibly the game of his season against the Yankees. Tazawa is on the mound again tonight to try and help the Red Sox to a four-game sweep. John Danks and his 11-8 record and 3.85 ERA won’t make it easy but it should be fun. 7:10pm, people. Let’s watch it happen.

I like that no matter which team wins in the Bronx this week, it benefits the Red Sox as long as the Sox keep winning. Six games out of the division and 2.5 ahead in the wild card on August 27 isn’t such a horrible place to be.

Thanks, again, to everyone who stopped by the chat last night.  Glad that we got the win to celebrate!

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