When I look down I just miss all the good stuff

One of the more entertaining pictures I took on Saturday.  Mr. Bay was none too pleased with the ass tap from Mr. Swisher.  More photos from Saturday are at the Toeing the Rubber page on Facebook.

One of the more entertaining pictures I took on Saturday.  Mr. Bay seemed none too pleased with the friendly ass tap from Mr. Swisher. More photos from Saturday are at the Toeing the Rubber Facebook page (linked on the left sidebar).

It both amuses and impresses me that Jason Bay, who has only been here a little over a year, is one of the more reasonable person around in regard to what is going on with the Red Sox:

“I think what goes unnoticed around here is we’re in first place for the other playoff spot,” Bay said. “We won the wild card last year and made Game 7 of the ALCS.”

While the media (and resident Yankees fan Lou) has given the World Championship to the Yankees, one of the newbies, a guy from a team that hasn’t sniffed the playoffs in quite some time, realizes that those awards aren’t given out until October.

Did it stink, watching Beckett struggle last night?  Hell, yeah.  Watching my ace give up five home runs isn’t quite what I’d call fun.  But am I worried (as some posted around the Internet last night) that he’s “done”?  Jesus, people, do we have to follow the media’s lead and only have two speeds?  I can’t go from extreme optimist to extreme pessimist as quickly as some folks.  I understand it was two bad outings in a row for Beckett but, frankly, shit happens.  I choose to stay in the middle and enjoy the freaking season while we have it.  The Sox still lead the wild card and while it’s unlikely the Yanks will tank so badly they’ll lose the division lead, anything is still possible.  I hold out hope until the math says otherwise.  That’s just how I roll.

I think it’s fair to say, though, that any Red Sox fan who willfully chooses to listen to Joe Morgan, Jon Miller and Steve Phillips call a Red Sox game (especially a Red Sox/Yankees game) is a glutton for punishment and gets what they deserve.  (I count myself in this group.  Last time the Sox were on ESPN I muted the game and listened to Joe Castiglione and Dave O’Brien.  Don’t know why I didn’t do this last night but I deeply regret it.)

The Sox and their fans have no time to wallow.  Tonight starts a four-game series against the White Sox with Buchholz (3.99) and Contreras 5.13) on the mound.  The rest of the series gives us Lester (3.58), Wakefield (4.31) and Tazawa (3.57) against Garcia (10.38), Floyd (3.98) and Danks (3.85).  This past weekend proved that pitching match-ups don’t always tell the story of what will happen…but I sure do like the chances of the Red Sox this week.

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