Let’s burn up the night, baby

This shot of Javier Lopez I took while he was chatting with KellyO

This shot of Javier Lopez I took while he was chatting with KellyO

Two bad final scores (for the PawSox and the Red Sox) and the annoying news that the Red Sox picked up Porno Paul Byrd couldn’t ruin the good night that I had.  Headed down to Pawtucket early to hang with KellyO and then wait in the rain to get into McCoy Stadium for their annual autograph night.

They had ten tables set up with players, coaches and mascots at each one ready to sign.  When we approached Javier Lopez, Kelly thanked him for signing Steve and he responded by telling her what a great photographer she was.  The night only got better when Kris Johnson’s dad approached her and asked her if she was Sitting Still and then went on to not only also compliment her on her photos but ask if he could get some to print up because he likes the photos so much.  Because of time constraints and the amount of people who showed up, we didn’t get to the table where KJ was signing so his dad took the pics Kelly had brought of Kris and promised to get them signed for her.  He was amazingly sweet and seemed sincere.  It was a treat to be there when a player and a member of a player’s family both gave KellyO the props she deserves for her wonderful photographs.

I got to tell Javi that he was missed in Boston.  Hey, I miss him so I was being sincere.   The PawSox are struggling this year (unlike last year when they were playoff contenders, the only team in their division worse than them right now is the Buffalo Bisons) and it didn’t surprise me to hear Javi say he misses being in Boston.  I also got to thank the players for taking the time to do the signing.  It was an awful lot of fun and now my 8 year-old niece has a poster with a bunch of autographs of the “young guys who aren’t Red Sox players yet”.  She’s happy…I’m happy…in spite of the scores, it was a good night.

We didn’t stay for the entire game because we had a train to catch – and because the fourth inning alone seemed to last about two hours – but we got to see Michael Bowden’s entire appearance.  It’s fair to say that Wednesday night wasn’t a good night for pitching in Pawtucket.  (Final score at McCoy:  8-7 Norfolk.)

And now we head into the Bronx for four games.  I’ve already decided I won’t be live blogging any of the games.  Regardless of whether I want to admit it, the games stress me out too much to put the focus of a live blog on them as well.  So on Thursday we get John Smoltz v Joba Chamberlain.  I have no idea what to think of this game…I just hope Joba keeps his pitches from hitting Youk.  Injuries and suspensions this team certainly doesn’t need.

My hope is for a split of this series.  My dream is for the Sox to take the series and I don’t even dare to think about a sweep.  One game at a time.  Here’s hoping Smoltz pitches well enough to win and the offense lets loose on Joba.

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