Girls will be girls

Victor Martinez behind the screen.  Even Orioles fans were impressed by him!

Victor Martinez behind the screen. Even Orioles fans were impressed by him!

We headed back to the hotel on Saturday after the game and began our party for Susan’s birthday. We were in the back room of the lounge and when we got there another group was already seated next to where we were going. They were a party celebrating an engagement. The bride-to-be was there, decked out in feathers, with her intended along with about 8 other family members. They were Red Sox fans who, like us, had just come from the game (the bride-to-be was even wearing a Beckett t-shirt under the feathers). As we settled in, we noticed in the same spot we had seen Clay Buchholz on Friday night (which was directly across from the bar) Josh Beckett and George Kottaras were sitting. Well, truthfully, at the time we weren’t sure who was there we just knew it had to be players because the ropes went up and security was standing guard. Feathers went over and told Josh he pitched a great game (yelling over security folks who wouldn’t really let her near him) and a couple of us from my group went to the bar to see what we could see.

In an effort to just figure out who was over there, we took many trips to the bar and/or ladies room. We had no intentions of approaching the players, we just were checking things out. Both George and Josh seemed to be in great spirits (and why not?) and, eventually, Victor Martinez joined them. To avoid the risk of giving anything away that might be personal, I’ll just say George was, essentially, by himself all night (well, he did have the security dudes) and Victor seemed to have a mini-posse of guy friends with him. It was interesting to witness them, even if for only a few moments, in that setting. But, I’ll say it again, regardless of how much of a charge as it was (and, really, these guys knew the hotel was full of Sox fans and they knew if they showed up at the lounge they would be gawked at all night) I’m not comfortable being one of the looky-loos. Both Josh and Victor bolted early while George and the security dudes stayed until closing.

When my friend booked the hotel she wasn’t aware of it being the hotel the team stayed at. Truth be told, it was a wonderful hotel regardless of whether the players were there – and with many of us sharing a room we got a lot of bang for our buck. So I’m torn. I think I’d like to stay there again. It was convenient and fun and with us all sharing expenses actually cost-efficient. But I think I’d go out of my way to avoid the players. It was just a little too weird for me.

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