Somehow happiness will find you

JD Drew and Brian Roberts somehow find a way to smile! Photo taken by Kelly O’Connor/ and used with permission.

One of the people I follow on Twitter wrote last night that if your team gives up 21 hits then you shouldn’t expect them to win. You could say that about the team that gave up 14 hits as well. Too bad it wasn’t possible for both teams to get the loss.

Last night was ugly and it’s too bad because it had the potential to give the Sox a game up, give Clay Buchholz a win and honor Jim Rice on his big day. None of this happened and we had to wait until past 11:30pm to get the news.

I know there were errors involved. Defensive indifference also came back to bite Papelbon and the Sox in the butt. Still, I’d much prefer that the next time Jonathan Papelbon talks about wanting to get paid like Mariano Rivera someone show him this game. It seems he can’t get his focus against “lesser” teams or when the pressure isn’t on. I tire of wondering what he’s going to do every time he takes the mound. There’s no argument about his talent but, to my mind, closers are supposed to be “lights out” and while his stats show that he’s been pretty damn good he certainly isn’t guaranteed to being that consistently lights out pitcher a closer should be. Less drama and more focus, Paps. Thanks.

Brad Penny tonight in another game where we look to him to get the bad taste of another game out of our mouths. My plan is to live blog it but circumstances might force me to change plans. As of right now (8:15am on Wednesday), the live blog is on….I’ll update the blog if things change.

The ceremony for Jim Rice was exactly as it should have been – very well done. Both of Jim Ed’s speeches (at Fenway and at Cooperstown) were entertaining and pleasant and, relatively, short. Jim seems to be so genuinely happy about his induction to the Hall of Fame as well as the retiring of his number. No “It’s about time” coming from him, just genuine gratitude and appreciation. I’m very proud that the Red Sox are so selective with the retirement process and I’m equally proud that Jim Ed finally got his props.

Shake off last night, folks. New day, new game, and a win on the horizon.

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