Turn on my lights

Photo of Bronson that I took in 2006.

You all have been emailing fools lately (thank you!) so I thought I’d briefly touch upon the things that are on YOUR minds. Some of this has been touched on before but I’m going over it again since folks are so gabby these days.

* No. I don’t think they should drive John Smoltz out into the wilderness and abandon him there. I’m not sure WHAT I think they should do with John Smoltz. All I know is that I want Clay Buchholz wearing a cap with a “B” on it not a “P“.

* Losing the first three out of four games after the All Star break sucks. There is absolutely no way to sugar coat that which is why I haven’t tried. There’s a lot to talk/write about and I don’t have to beat it over your heads that the team is struggling right now.

* I do not know John Henry. I’ve never met John Henry. (My dad did once. We were walking to Fenway in 2005 and Henry and his daughter were walking toward us and my father got right in front of him, grabbed his hand and congratulated him on 2004. He was very nice to my dad in that moment.) It seems that some people have interpreted my “defending” someone much more powerful, successful and rich than I am as kissing up- but there is nothing driving me to do so. Henry seems like a decent fella trying to have a good time. I like that.

* I do not wish to be Heidi Watney. I don’t have the time or inclination to focus that much attention on what my hair looks like. Plus, she always seems to be cold. I have my own problems, I don’t need to add “people criticizing my hair, my clothes, my voice, my work and making me freeze while they do it” to them.

* I am not Kyle Snyder’s mom. 🙂 (Honestly, at least once a week someone asks me this!) He’s nine years younger than I am folks. NINE. Yes, I get the snarkiness intended behind the question. Get over it. I’m amazed, genuinely amazed, at how hard some people come down on Kyle and my affection for him as a player. There seem to be only 2 camps who vocalize their feelings on this one. The “I think it’s great you support a player who isn’t a superstar because those guys often get forgotten and he seems like a nice guy” folks and the “Why do you waste time focusing on a player who isn’t even in the Majors?”. Although the latter group gets a little testy about it (see: “Are you his MOM?”). As long as I have a blog, there will be the occasional Kyle Snyder update. You’re welcome!

* I haven’t forgotten about Bronson Arroyo! (Another question I get a lot!) Time is short, though, and it’s a little tough to fit everything in that I want to (hell, I haven’t TOUCHED my fantasy baseball team in weeks!).

* There is most definitely a live blog planned for Wednesday night’s game. (Another Tim Wakefield gem on the way?)

* And, finally, yes, I consider myself a “writer”. I’ve identified myself as such for as long as I can remember. It is my greatest love, my passion in life (even more so than the Red Sox) and the one thing, aside from my family, I absolutely couldn’t live without. Long before I was blogging, I was writing. And I write a lot more than just this blog. What I DON’T consider myself is a reporter. I do this because it’s FUN. I’m a homer fan who gets to root for her team aided by the world of technology with a boost from the kind folks at WEEI. It doesn’t suck to be me.

Now that we have all of that out of the way, I have a friend in Texas who just might run on to the field and pummel a few baseball players into the ground if they don’t give Mr. Josh Beckett some run support tonight. Let’s get that done, huh, fellas?

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