The fakers smile goodbye

I took this photo of Julilo back in April at Citifield while he was signing autographs prior to the second game.

This one will be quick. (Short version of what’s up with me is I’ve been sick with a fever for about 24 hours and have spent more time asleep than awake today.)

This means that I have to scrap the live blog tonight since I’m relatively sure I won’t be awake for most of the game. It’s probably for the best. Things didn’t go well when I live blogged John Smoltz’ return!

Half awake, log on to see what’s going on in the world and read that Julio Lugo has been dfa’d. I know many people are yelling “hallelujah” about this – but I’m not one of them. While I guess I understand the thought process behind it, I stil hate to see this happen to anyone. Lugo was there in 2007 – and in 2009, when things were going lousy, at every game I went to he interacted positively with the fans. He didnt have to do that but he did. SO I wish him nothing but the best.

PVs to Clay that he pitches well tonight. Let’s start off the second half with a win!

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