I think it’s gonna work when I start lyin’ to myself

A picture of Kyle can put me in a better mood so that’s what I’m going with. Screen grabbed by me during Spring Training 2009.

So the Buffalo Bisons are in Pawtucket for a quick, two-game series. They’ve already won Thursday’s game (good for them! Worst team in the league and they’ve beaten the Yankees and the PawSox on consecutive nights!) and Friday they finish it up. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in the cards for me to get down to Pawtucket this time around so I won’t be getting a Kyle Snyder sighting. I’m hoping this means he gets into Friday’s game (since he didn’t pitch on Thursday and hasn’t pitched since July 6th in Rochester) and pitches a few perfect innings. See, if I went to the game he’d probably get into the game and then get hit with a line drive and be out for the rest of the season. So it’s best to stay away this weekend, eh? (Back in January I wrote that a goal for this year was to get an interview with Kyle. Don’t see that happening at the rate I’m going!)

Best of luck to Kyle! I want the PawSox to win but my want for him to do well is equally as strong. Ah, the conflicts of the heart when you follow baseball.

I just wrote a three-paragraph rant about Brad Penny and the bullpen. Then I read it and thought “Oh, shut up!”. So if I don’t want to read my own ramblings about the suckage we all know existed Thursday night, no one else is going to want to read it either. I deleted the rant and it’s gone forever now! All I’ll say is I’m greatly disappointed in the pitching (except for Daniel Bard). Six runs against the Kansas City should be more than enough to beat them. Losing the lead in the division this way? Also disappointing. Three games to go in this series, though, so there’s plenty of time to bounce back. After crappy losses like this one we have to focus on the big picture. (Well, the medium picture, I suppose.) Win the series. Still a very attainable goal.

Congratulations to Papi on hitting his 300th home run. At least there was SOMETHING worth cheering for in that game!

Jon Lester is up next on Friday. I won’t be at the game so Crabcakes won’t have any reason to stink. 🙂

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