Why is it you always get to sit in the shade?

We needed a rally today so where was the bullpen band? Photo taken by Kelly O’Connor/sittingstill.net in 2008 and used with permission.

Questions after a beautiful Sunday in the park:

* Did The Sistahs showering Joe Maddon with postcards asking him to consider picking Tim Wakefield for the All Star team help? Probably not. Based on his comments it sounds like Maddon had his eye on Wake already. But it didn’t hurt, right?

* Your starter leaves the game with the score 4-2 in favor of the other team and you give him a standing ovation? I’m sorry, but no, no you don’t. I didn’t expect the fans to boo Jon Lester. I didn’t want the fans to boo Jon Lester. But a standing ovation? The 9 strikeouts were great but they did bupkis in getting the team the win. I get that three out of the four runs were unearned but he still let them score. He still didn’t do what he was supposed to go out there to do. I love that the Red Sox fans like to support their players (well, certain players anyway) but I thought it was ridiculous that Lester left the game losing, with a man on base, and he got a standing ovation.

* Why would a pasty-white Irish gal sit in right field roof seats and not pile on the sunblock? I have a killer burn on my face and chest (and this was after putting the block on before I left the house!). I burn for the Red Sox. See how committed I am?

* How is it possible that the Toronto Blue Jays can suck as much as they did this weekend? They can’t get the win with Roy Halladay on the mound and then they blow an 8-4 lead today. Thanks for nothing, Jays. Thanks for a big pile of nothing.

* Did anyone get Tim Wakefield his potato salad at the Picnic in the Park today?

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