The biggest fool that’s ever hit the big time

I’ve grown accustomed to Daisuke throwing too many pitches and putting too many players on base before getting himself out of trouble. I hate it but, yeah, I’m used to it. Having written that, I could live without ever seeing another 35-pitch ninth inning from Jonathan Papelbon. It isn’t a good sign when you’re thinking “A grand slam ties this game” with no outs in the bottom of the ninth when your closer is on the mound.

But no harm no foul, right? Papelbon strikes out the next three batters he faces (24 of those 35 pitches were strikes), the Red Sox win 5-1 and there was much rejoicing. My understanding is that they did it all without having to kill a squirrel so I guess everyone but the Tigers and their fans went home happy.

My live blog plans have, once again, gone awry. I won’t be around to live blog tonight (and will miss most, if not all, of the game); I can’t live blog the game tomorrow because it’s in the afternoon and I was hoping that the game on Saturday was another early one so my live blog could help out folks who wouldn’t get to see the game – but Saturday’s game is at 7:05pm. So my choices are Friday or Saturday for a live blog although I’m not sure who will be around for it. I might do one just to keep in live blogging condition (and if I do it most likely will be on Saturday).

Speaking of Saturday, I’ve been asked again to be a guest on “The Baseball Show”. If my last appearance is any indication, it will be brief, nerve-wracking and I won’t even remember what I said. But, hey, it’s supposed to be FUN, right? I’ll let you all know when plans are finalized but for now it does seem like I’ll be on at some point this coming Saturday morning. I eagerly await to see what color sweater vest Felger picks for the occasion.

It’s tough for me to wrap my mind around Terry Francona managing in Boston long enough to get 500 wins. I can’t remember ever being as passionately supportive of a Red Sox manager as I am with Tito. The two Championships most definitely have something to do with it but it’s also just the way he deals with his team AND the Boston sports media. I remember being really upset when Jimy Williams was fired and feeling sorry that Grady Little had to go but I’ll be positively devastated when Tito is no longer leading this team. Who could have predicted what a positive impact he’d have on this team? Okay, maybe Curt Schilling but that’s about it. I might not agree with everything he does but I always think he’s doing what HE thinks is best for the team. And I truly believe that the guy puts his health on the line every day he continues on with this organization. He puts up with a lot, gives a lot back and I am thankful and happy that we have him on our side. (And, see, he cares about us!)

Today is June 3. It’s also Carl Everett’s 38th birthday. Wondering what happened to Carl? He’s playing with the Atlantic League Newark Bears. Below is video of a recent game showing both Carl and Jay Gibbons at bat. (“Throw the bat at him, Carl!” cracked me up.) The roster for the Bears is full of ex-Major Leaguers including our own Keith Foulke. Pawtucket favorite Edgar Martinez is also on the roster. I wonder what the Bears have that other Atlantic League teams don’t that attracts the former professionals?

Josh Beckett on the mound tonight against Armando Galarraga. Tigers fans don’t seem too convinced that Galarraga will be able to defeat the Red Sox…which of course probably means this game goes into extra innings. More of the Joshua Patrick we saw last time, please.

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