Some people call me Maurice

Yes, I took a photo of my television. (It really isn’t that horrible. But Seacrest and Roethlisberger? That’s unacceptable!)

Oh, Jon. You really need a stylist, darlin’.

Tonight in your post-game press conference you were wearing a shirt that has been seen in public on both Ryan Seacrest and Ben Roethlisberger.

Are these really two guys you want to be associated with?

I missed the entire game because I worked until just after 9pm. Was walking up to the house when the game ended and played some “Dirty Water” on the iPhone before I went in. So all I know about the game are the snippets I got to hear. Good for Jon for bouncing back. Let’s hope he keeps bouncing. I’m encouraged but I’m waiting for another game or two with this same result before I get excited.

More when I wind down. It’s been a long day; I’m really glad the Sox didn’t make it worse!

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