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Javier Lopez seemed to get a kick out of Steve. My photo didn’t come out great because we were on the other side of the park when he signed. Oh well!

Thanks to Tim Wakefield and his quick game, yesterday wasn’t as long and tiring as I expected it to be. Still, it was a long day but any day I get to see two baseball games in person and I watch my team with both games, I really can’t find much to complain about.

Clay Buchholz had his most interesting outing of the season. He pitched in and out of trouble for the 4 1/3 innings he was in there, ultimately giving up three runs on seven hits (including a home run that didn’t leave the park and wasn’t initially called a home run, but hit the top of the home run mark on the center field wall. Clay wasn’t too happy about that and left the game shortly thereafter). PawSox fan favorite Iggy Suarez (KellyO offered that Julio Lugo should change his name to Iggy because fans love a guy named Iggy) and Angel Chavez both hit home runs and even newly-mustachioed Billy Traber pitched a clean inning and got the win.

But the true highlights of our day at McCoy happened off the field. Kyle Snyder was there with the Buffalo Bisons. We, unfortunately, didn’t get to see him pitch, but found a moment to give him a shout-out and wish him luck. Kyle looked relaxed and happy. He seems quite comfortable with his teammates and even sat in the bullpen for the entire game (my understanding is he’s now the number 5 starter for the Bisons). It pleases me greatly to see Kyle doing so well, even if his team isn’t right now.

Also, another (not-so) old friend was at McCoy yesterday – Javier Lopez.

I interrupt my own entry to offer some background for those who don’t have it. My friend Kelly O’Connor has a travel mascot – a stuffed ferret. She brings “Steve T Ferret” with her to games home and on the road (he initially started hanging with us when Kelly brought him to a gathering of a bunch of us – some whom had never met. “We’ll be at the table with the ferret on it!”). He’s become a part of one of my gang of friends (yes, we know he’s stuffed. We still have fun with him and he even has his own Facebook page) and is a large part of the lore surrounding that group. Kelly got Kyle to pose with Steve in Baltimore in 2007, then we brought a poster-sized version of the picture to the 2007 World Series parade and Javi noticed it and pointed it out to Kyle. Kelly then got him to sign the picture of he and Steve and in 2008 Kelly made a Snyder jersey for Steve – which she got Kyle to sign.

This year, Kelly made Steve a Javier Lopez jersey and yesterday was Kelly’s shot at getting Javi to sign it. Which he did. From all accounts (and what we could see across the park) Javi took it with the humor and appreciation that was behind it. I know he isn’t popular with a lot of folks around these parts right now, but he really seems to be a stand-up guy and I wish nothing but the best for him.

Once the PawSox game was over, it was on to Boston. Neither KellyO nor I drive so we had to Amtrak it back from whence we came and got to Fenway just in time for the gates to open and let us in. Tim Wakefield, once again, proved he is currently the best pitcher in the starting rotation and Jonathan Papelbon looked like someone I hadn’t seen in a while. Comes into a 2-1 game and doesn’t put anyone on base? I love this Jonathan Papelbon and would like to see more of him please.

There was one thing that happened during the game that made me wish I was watching from home. When Bailey and Pedroia both failed to catch a pop-up, I noticed Wake point at Bailey. As I was sitting on the third base line, I only saw this from behind and was trying to figure out what the context was. Was he reprimanding Bailey for not taking control and calling the ball? Was he telling him it was okay? Did they mention it on NESN when it happened? Am I going to have to start bringing a tv to Fenway?

Two great wins to top off a beautiful day. It was a nice way to spend a Tuesday.

Penny on the mound tonight. Me on the couch live blogging. I think that’s best for everyone.

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