But I could see your shining light

Charlie Zink, earlier in the season at McCoy Stadium. Photo taken by Kelly O’Connor/sittingstill.net and used with permission.

Although it was a long day, I was fully awake for last night’s game up through the second inning when Betancourt hit his two-run home run off of Beckett. Then I gave in to my body begging for rest. I was then awakened by “Jeff Bailey hits a home run on the first pitch he sees!” (or something like that) in the fifth and didn’t even lift my head because I, honestly, thought I was dreaming. Oh me of little faith. I didn’t wake again until the ninth inning where I got to see Papelbon finish things up for the 5-3 win over the Mariners. Not the best way to “watch” a game but I can’t argue with the results.

Just wish I had seen more of Beckett to get a better feel for what folks are saying about him today. 120 pitches in 7 innings would have driven me nuts had I been awake for Beckett coming back for the 7th with 108 pitches already behind him. But it all worked out. I didn’t see it, he got out of the inning and Okajima, Ramirez and Papelbon finished things up.

4:10pm (EST) today. Masterson pitching (for the last time in the rotation before Daisuke gets back?) against Jason Vargas. It’ll be pleasant to be able to sit and watch a game without falling asleep or wondering how I’m going to get up for work in the morning.

Charlie Zink won the Zink v Snyder battle last night in Pawtucket. Kyle threw 71 pitches in just over five innings, giving up three earned runs on seven hits. Those three runs were enough, though, because Zink threw 91 pitches in six innings, giving up two earned runs on six hits and four walks. Charlie matched Kyle for strikes with four on the night. PawSox radio dude Steve Hyder said Kyle looked “sharp”. (My understanding is that was just prior to giving up the 3 runs, though.) Well, the pressure is off me, no more wondering which team I was rooting for. Nice to have something going on yesterday so I didn’t even get to pay attention to the game until it was over.

Road trip on Tuesday to Pawtucket for a 12pm game (and then back to Boston for the 7:10pm game against the Jays) should be fun. And it just got a little more interesting in Pawtucket as Tito announced Kevin Youkilis will have two rehab starts at McCoy – this coming Monday and Tuesday. I’ve missed Youk in the BoSox lineup but I’m not sure I’m all that delighted at being at a game in Pawtucket where he’s playing. I think the crowd there changes when the big leaguers go down for rehab assignments (at least the bigger names). Instead of the diehards who go to see the PAWSox play, you get a lot of people who wouldn’t normally go to a game head down just to see a big name player. Takes a little away from the minor league atmosphere for me.

Looking outside at a cool, grey Sunday. A good day to stay inside and curl up on the couch to watch baseball all day!

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