I could lay my head on a piece of lead

Even with his boo-boos, Aaron Ward and the Bruins came through!

Yes, I know I should be rooting for the Blue Jays to lose but I just can’t. Not only do I think they won’t sustain this all year but even if by some stroke of luck they did, it’d still make me happier than watching the Yankees win. Sue me, I’m spiteful. Last night was winning all-around.

Bruins win? Check.

Celtics win? Holy cow, check.

Yanks lose? Check.

Rays lose? Schadenfreude check.

Red Sox win? That’s why I’m late in writing this entry check.

Surviving Grady wins “Blog of the Year” award in the first “New England Sports Blog Awards”? Check, baby!

(Incidentally, no I didn’t win for “Best Red Sox Blog”. Thanks to everyone who nominated and/or voted for me. I appreciate it greatly! Congratulations to Sox Space News for taking the prize in that category.)

All in all, a really good night and nothing to complain about. Okay, I could live without the drama that Masterson brought to the table but it all ended good so I won’t harp on it. Besides, for all the men on base, he got himself out of a lot of trouble. Not an entirely terrible night for the kid.

I’ve tried to designate each Wednesday for a live blog – but I’ll be honest – no way that’s happening tonight. The chances are good that I’ll be up for all of tonight’s game, but they are thin that I’ll be coherent enough to be blogging. “12:45am – Sleep…when can we go to SLEEEEEP?”. Wakefield will have to kick ass without the assist from a live blog from me. Unfortunately, tomorrow’s game is an afternoon game so I can’t live blog that one either. I’m considering live blogging the 10:10pm game on Friday…it’ll be interesting to see how many folks are up and/or home for that one!

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