My sticky paws were into making straws

Photo of Bowden that I took on my first visit to McCoy this season. So happy he had two clean innings against the Yankees!

I don’t know that I’m over Jacoby’s steal of home just yet. I can’t stop watching it because it’s so damn beautiful. I remember watching the Blue Jays/Yankees game when Aaron Hill stole home on Pettitte and actually feeling a little sorry for Pettitte. And I remember Carl Crawford stealing home on Jason Johnson in 2006 and being devastated for the kid. None of those feelings came out last night. Last night, the team that has practically copyrighted meaningless curtain calls got shown what kind of play actually deserves one. I was, literally, yelling “Take the curtain call!!!!!” and was so pleased that Jacoby did.

Papi knocking in the go-ahead run to make it 2-1 in the 5th (and then JD Drew knocking in another after Jacoby stole home) made me so very happy but watching the young guys kick butt last night (Masterson! Jones! Bowden!) was so satisfying. The Red Sox needed good pitching last night and they certainly got it!

As I write this, I’m watching Sports Desk and I just love Dustin Pedroia’s quote about his own base running:

“I’m done…I keep getting thrown out”

Good call, Dustin. Leave the running to Jacoby. You have other talents that endear you to us.

Regardless of their position in the standings and regardless of whether Alex Rodriguez was with them, watching the Red Sox sweep the Yankees has to be one of the sweetest feelings a Sox fan can get.

Sox are riding on a 10-game winning streak. They just swept the hated New York Yankees and just about everyone on the team seems to be contributing whether it’s with defense or offense. Having players who can pick each other up (Hello bullpen!) is pretty damn sweet as well.

And the best part? We don’t have to wait too long to continue riding the high: Tim Wakefield v Cliff Lee at 7:05 tonight!

(I’m editing this to add this link. It’s where you can go and nominate my blog for a “New England Sports Blog Award”. You all know how uncomfortable I am pimping myself out for votes…but what the heck, right? Today is the last day to get your nominations in so I guess I’m okay with doing it for a day!)

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