You don’t need me to show the way, love.

I took this on Friday. A day before Kelly O’Connor shot him in the unclean position of fraternizing with Joba Chamberlain! Regardless of his lapse in judgment, I have faith that Justin will deliver us the sweep!

I am, obviously, a fan of the pitching. While many “chicks” might “dig the long ball”, I’m partial to strike outs. Pitcher’s duels sometimes make me weary, but I’ll stay up until the wee hours if it looks like I might see a no-hitter. When pitching is bad, I get very frustrated. So let’s just say it’s a good thing I wasn’t at Fenway or even around a television yesterday for the first four innings.

Aside from Tek’s grand slam (which I listened to on the radio), though, I did get to see the good stuff.

But they never make it easy. Between actually being at Fenway on Friday and then sitting through Fox’s coverage of the marathon second half of the game on Saturday..I’m wiped. So if I’m wiped, how the heck do the players feel today?

After only winning three out of their first nine games of the season, our Boston Red Sox have gone on a nine-game winning streak. A win tonight will make it ten, and complete a Yankees sweep. I don’t mean to be greedy but if someone pays attention to such things I’m hoping we get to witness that sweep some time before midnight. Although it’s way too early to be checking the standings regularly, I enjoy looking at the scoreboard and seeing the Sox in second place only a game behind the Blue Jays (I suppose it is worth pointing out that the Jays have played two more games than the Sox).

Not counting the tremendous blunder by Pedroia on Saturday, the Red Sox defense is quietly becoming remarkable. Mike Lowell laughs at those of you who thought he’d skip a beat this year. (Actually for Lowell those laughs come defensively AND offensively. In your ear, non-believer!)

I did get to check in on Kyle Snyder and the Buffalo Bisons yesterday. Let’s just say it didn’t go well. I want Kyle back in Pawtucket (who won in the 10th on Saturday). The upside to his being in Buffalo, though, is with the way the Mets are playing he might actually get a shot to be brought back up. So I hold out hope for that.

Speaking of Pawtucket, Julio Lugo has gone 2-12 with five strikeouts during his rehab assignment. Word is he’s back with the team on Monday. Here is where I should write something about someone kneecapping him for the sake of Nick Green but I feel terrible writing such things. But, really, if he were to suddenly be befallen by an infected mosquito bite or something, that wouldn’t so bad, right?

We’re blessed with an 8pm game today. I say blessed because I hear birds singing and see sun shining and it will be nice to enjoy a beautiful day and be rewarded at the end of it with another Red Sox win. My fingers are crossed.

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