Why should you care if you’re feeling good?

I absolutely stayed up to watch NESN’s two-hour replay of Friday’s game after watching the entire game live not too long before it came on.

While I gave up on Brad Penny quickly in the second inning, I never gave up on the team. 7-0 in the second inning is much too early to thrown in the towel. The Sox proved that last night, eh? On a night when the opposing team hits a grand slam and things look bleak before even a third of the game is over, the Sox gave us another epic game to remember.

Who would think the Sox could come back on a night when Youkilis and Papi don’t even get a hit? Luckily, everyone else in the lineup picked up the slack with Pedroia, Ellsbury, Drew (another home run!) and Nick Green all having multiple hit nights. Jason Bay had another home run and all ended up right with the world.

Here’s the obligatory shout-out to the bullpen. They’ve been doing a bang-up job of sucking up bad situations and giving the team a chance to get back into the game. I love me some good pitching. Which is why I won’t talk about Brad Penny.

“I felt great. I haven’t had that kind of stuff in a while. The walks killed me, though,” Penny said.

If that was Penny when he feels “great”, I hope to never see him pitch when he feels “fantastic”.

I’m at McCoy Stadium today with KellyO. We get Marcus McBeth on the mound against the Lehigh Valley IronPigs at 1:05pm. This will set us up to, most likely, be able to make it back home in time to see most of the Sox/Orioles game tonight (which, incidentally, will be on NESN Plus at 7:10 since the Bruins/Canadiens game will be on regular NESN. I write this to remind myself for tonight as well as all of you).

It’s going to be a long day, but when it’s filled with baseball I really can’t complain.

(Edited to add: This marks my 100th post on the new blog. Which doesn’t mean much, but I like to keep track of these things!)

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