And I’ve been waiting such a long time

How many different times do players have to get their “official” photo taken? I love seeing different photos of the guys but it must be annoying to have to keep posing for them.

Still feeling a little shaky but got back to the real world yesterday (just in time for there to be no Sox game. Timing, she is everything) and get myself psyched up for some in-person baseball this weekend!

Saturday will be my first trip of the season to McCoy Stadium to see the PawSox. Initially, we thought we’d see Charlie Zink pitch for the 327th time, but PawSox manager Ron Johnson has decided to pitch Charlie tonight on short rest so for the game I’m going to on Saturday we’ll see the ever elusive “TBA” pitching! I can’t wait.

I really can’t wait. I love McCoy and I really enjoy watching the PawSox who, incidentally, are currently 5-3 on the season. This puts them second behind the Yankees AAA team from Scranton/Wilkes Barre. And, yes, the rivalry is just as heated in Triple-A as it is in the bigs. The other Triple-A team I’m following (waves to Kyle Snyder and the Buffalo Bisons) is currently in last place in the division with a record of 1-7. Yes, Mets/Bisons fans, I broke your team. I’m so sorry. (Kyle is doing well, though, with his 3.38 ERA and 9 strike outs in 3 games – and teams are batting .226 against him!)

Monday I’m back at Fenway for the Patriots Day game! Two afternoon ballgames in the same weekend is rare and I intend on taking advantage regardless of the fact that it seems God plans to rain on us at some point on both days. I enjoy being at Fenway on Patriots Day more than I do on Opening Day. To me, the atmosphere is more relaxed, yet fun. And with the game starting at 11:05am, that’s a 9:05am gate opening which usually includes a customary pre-10am beer (can’t break with tradition! Sox haven’t lost a Patriots Day game that I’ve been to yet!).

If you’re a Red Sox fan, you might not read anything better than this today. Neil Swidey gives a fascinating and revealing glimpse into the life of the RemDawg. (And on a related side-note: Kudos to Jerry for finally trying to kick the smoking habit!)

Tonight Brad Penny on the mound against Jeremy Guthrie. Poor Jeremy. He could throw a no-hitter and I’d still remember him from the “Mother’s Day Miracle” game. (“He’s taking him out? Why is he taking him out? Holy cow we’re going to win this game, now, aren’t we???”)

This has felt like the week that wouldn’t end. Let’s celebrate that the end is nigh!

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