If I could soar I would try to take these wings and fly

Get behind him, folks. You’re looking at our “stopper”. Taken at Citi Field by me. It’s just a coincidence that he looks like he’s having a panic attack, right?

I despise all the reactionary “they’ve lost three games in a row; they need to fix something” crap that’s going around right now. I choose to look at it this way: We’re finding out early on how this team will respond to being down. Youk gives us a good idea:

“This is four games,” said Youkilis. “This is 1/40th of the season. We’re going to hit a spell and why not be now? There are bright things to come. We’re not worried about it. I know a lot of people back home might be worried about it, [the media] might be worried about it. We’re going to hit.”

Youk has spoken. We should listen. (Did I just write that?) Also, for a bit of fun, visit Youk’s beard to hear what he has to say. (The droplets of sweat are inspired!) Youk can never, ever shave.

In the plus column: George Kottaras got his first hit of the season (and only second of his career) in his first MLB start. Wake was happy with his catcher and, ultimately, that’s going to be what makes the battery work. Also a plus: Youk got two more hits and Jacoby got a pair as well. A slow start doesn’t equal a bad season, folks, so get off the Zakim Bridge.

Where are we now? Brad Penny is the stopper. Brad. Penny. (Sigh) Okay, this is workable. Brad Penny can pitch. I just hope his arm doesn’t fly off during the game. It would stink to have that happen on national television.

Sox/Angels is the Fox Saturday game (or whatever they call it) at 4:10pm today. Our first real dose of McCarver and Buck. Remember, folks, this is what we begged for all winter long!

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