There’s Always Gonna Be Another Mountain

Yes, I used my iPhone to take a picture of the computer screen on Thursday. I crack me up.

Well Thursday didn’t bring us much to be happy about did it? Instead of helping us forget the bad news of the day, the Red Sox just piled on. That’s no way to treat the fans, fellas!

So let’s try to focus on what was good on Thursday:

* Jason Varitek: Two home runs in three games. Okay, the rest of his stats have yet to catch up with him but I find the home runs encouraging. They said the Captain was working on his swing during the off-season. I’m going to have to give him a big thumbs up for the effort.

* Kevin Youkilis: He went 3 for 4 and is 8 for 12 thus far (with a walk and an RBI as well). On Thursday, he was the only player with multiple hits. Maybe they should ship Slump Buster to the Red Sox clubhouse in bulk?

* Jason Bay: Bad Ass Bay is paying off. His one hit yesterday resulted in an RBI. Something he’s done in every game so far. A hit, an RBI, a cranky look. I like this Jay Bay (to be fair, I liked the “old” Jay Bay as well but it’s fun to pretend he’s a bad ass!).

* Manny Delcarmen: After an unimpressive Spring Training, I didn’t have high hopes for him. But in the two innings he’s pitched he looks sharp. Sure it’s a small sample size. It’s only the day after the third game of the season – the time when we can take small sample sizes and get excited about them!

* Kyle Snyder: I forgot that I couldn’t get the Sox on my feed so I ended up listening to them on GameDay audio. With the Bisons/PawSox game starting an hour and a half after the Sox game, and Kyle being a relief pitcher, I figured I could get in the entire Sox game and then switch over to the PawSox game to see (THIS game I got on video) if Kyle got brought in. Imagine my surprise when, in the second inning, I hear “And Kyle Snyder is warming up in the bullpen”. Jonathan Niese, the 22 year-old hot prospect for the Mets (Bisons) gave up five hits, two walks and five runs in two innings. Enter Kyle for long relief! In three innings, Kyle walked two, gave up two hits and struck out three. Three scoreless innings, baby! Both the Bisons broadcasters and the PawSox broadcasters were boasting about how Kyle went in and did a fantastic job (but the Bisons couldn’t capitalize on his holding down the PawSox and the Sox went on to win 6-4). It was a little odd, rooting against the PawSox for three innings, but that will have to be how it is when Kyle pitches. I was also pleased to see him wearing number 39. It’s the little things, folks.

I wrote a final rant about how Mark Feinsand of the Daily News has quotes from Joba Chamberlain about Nick Adenhart and how absolutely offensive and annoying I found it, but then I deleted it. Instead of being critical of Joba, I’ll say this: I hope he’s learned something from this. I hope he’s learned that just because he plays for the Yankees doesn’t mean he isn’t expected to be responsible. He walked away with no harm done except a video out there of his arrest. Because of someone who did exactly what Joba did, Nick Adenhart didn’t get to do the same.

There’s a 1:05pm game today (Texas at Detroit in Detroit’s home opener) and FOUR 4:05pm games before the glut of 7:05pm games begin. I’m home today. I sense baseball will be my background music for the better part of the day.

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