Slipping into stockings, stepping into shoes…

Bronson’s motto? Don’t worry, be happy!


* Watching the game on MLBN at a local bar last night was an EPIC fail. Not because of the bar, though. The fellas at the Baseball Tavern really tried to hook us up. Unfortunately, Major League Baseball blacked out the damn game. I need someone to explain this to me. No outlet in New England was covering the game. The feed was the Cincinnati Reds. Why was it necessary to black out the game in the one region where people actually wanted to watch it?

* Add Brian Schneider to the ever-growing list of players I’ve inadvertently put the whammy on. You might recall that Brian is my backup catcher on my fantasy baseball team. Fortunately, he went from being “out indefinitely” to it, seemingly, now not being an issue. I await the cease and desist letter from Kyle Snyder.

* Bronson Arroyo gave up two home runs last night after giving up a walk before each one (Jed Lowrie and Chris Carter owned him). If you haven’t seen Bronson interviewed after a game since he’s been in Cincinnati, you’re missing some good viewing. His attitude is exactly the same whether it’s a spring training game or a regular season one. He actually laughed when talking about giving up the walks that led to the home runs. I was waiting for him to ask the interviewer if he wanted to join him on his boat.

* Why is Brett Myers allowed to get away with being such an ass? He beats on his wife in Boston and MLB (and many fans) seem to just forget about it. Now he has his not-quite four year old son Kolt (spelling courtesy of wearing a Confederate flag? I’m sure that made Myers’ African-American teammates feel all warm and cozy. Why not a swastika next time, Brett? “Redneck – and proud of it!”…nice way to raise the next generation, asshat.

* Derek Lee was asked, yesterday, to join the USA’s WBC team. Derek Lee has been sidelined all week with a sore right quad (way to do your homework, trainer for team USA). Let’s just say, Derek Lee didn’t mince words:

“I’m not going”

I wonder if that’s a direct quote or if it got cleaned up before it was printed? Lee’s injury isn’t all that terrible and he is expected to play for the Cubs today – but how hard up is Team USA when they start asking the injured guys to come play? Maybe I was wrong about Davey Johnson? Maybe he isn’t the bastard? Maybe it’s that rocket scientist they have as Team USA’s trainer??

* Also returning to his lineup on Friday is Dustin Pedroia. Of course, you can’t watch this game unless you’re at it. Man I can’t wait for the regular season, when we don’t have to search for the games.

* Adam Rubin reports this morning that Kyle Snyder has been reassigned to the minor-league camp. As much as this bums me out, I hope it means that he sees more time on the mound than he has recently with the big team. And now I can try and make plans for a Bisons/PawSox game or two!

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