I just can’t find the words

What I fell asleep to last night. Screen grabbed by me from mlb.com

I’m going on the cheap today and just throw some random stuff out there. Fell asleep, again, with the laptop on my lap and MLBN on the tv. This is becoming a habit.

* Had friends at the Sox game yesterday. Shout out to Crystal for this piece of info that hadn’t seen anywhere else: Apparently, when he finished his pitching stint yesterday, Becket pitched a fit in the dugout. Throwing things and barking at someone (possibly a trainer). Good to see JPB in regular season form and showing life out there. I think. Crystal also said that JD Drew looked “good”. These things encourage me.

* Team USA plays Team Canada in the WBC at 2pm EST today (On ESPN) Prior commitments will be I most likely won’t be able to see this game. It’s an odd feeling. I enjoy watching the WBC because it’s real(ish) baseball. But I have no strong desire for the US to win. Sure, it would be great, but thinking about the US losing in 2006 or possibly losing this year really doesn’t bother me. I hope the representatives from the Sox do well and stay healthy…and that’s about it. Idiotic rants like this from Tommy Lasorda contribute to my general detachment surrounding the WBC. When will Tommy go quietly away?

* Received a really nice email from a Mets fan who told me (among other things) that he had no idea who Kyle Snyder was, prior to this year, but because of my updates he’s decided to follow his progress this year. Dig me…I’m a recruiter!

* Manny did an interview on ESPN where he said the thing that bothers him most is people judging him. I want to bang my head every time I see him now. He also said he doesn’t keep in touch with David Ortiz (or any other Sox players). On Papi: “I’ve got my life, he’s got his life.” Tell me again how I shouldn’t judge you because I don’t know you, Manny. I’m interested to find out, if this is true, which one of them decided to cut ties.

Probably no baseball for me today but I’ll try to catch up tonight and have something more thought out for tomorrow. If you’re in an area that has been cold and will be warm today – go enjoy it!!!

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