It seems like we all are waiting for a drive-by

I want to stop reading (and writing) about Alex Rodriguez, but I can’t. The best I’ve read so far has been this piece by Alex Speier (which isn’t, solely, about A*Rod). Basically, Alex breaks down into specifics what a lot of us have been saying all along. The Red Sox have made the better deals (and NOT made deals that worked out better) than the Yankees as of late. Yay Us! (I originally had “Yay Theo” here but even I can’t give Theo credit for Mussina/Manny or Johnny Damon right?)

My prayer yesterday generated the most email I’ve received since I started at I was a little surprised by this but it seems there are still many fans who support Manny and think the Front Office for the Red Sox is where I should be pointing my finger. Also, there’s a few people who don’t find humor in asking God for stuff. Duly noted. For me, all I say here about Manny is that I supported him for an awfully long time and excused every little thing because I truly believed the way he played was more important than anything else. So it comes as a surprise that the thing turning me off to him now happens to be what comes out of HIS mouth (as opposed to what is being written about him by Boston sports writers or spoken about him by the Red Sox organization). It also bums me out. Onward, forward and all that.

And, finally, in looking for information on Kyle Snyder, I sent an email to Adam Rubin of the NY Daily News. Truthfully, I really wasn’t expecting a response. Not only did he respond, but he then followed up with Kyle and came back to me with an answer. All within about 12 hours. It was a terribly thoughtful thing for him to do for little old me and I really appreciate it. The short version is, Kyle feels great…which makes me happy and hopeful for him.

Incidentally, I inadvertently deleted a comment left here yesterday. (I was being fancy and trying to respond through my “dashboard” and hit the wrong button…this is what happens when I try to cut back on sugar and caffeine!) Two things about it that struck me as worth responding to so I’ll mention them here: If you have a problem with what I write, have at me. Tell me why I’m wrong or why I suck. But don’t be getting personal and don’t be throwing insults out for the sake of throwing out insults. I’m mad with power and I like being able to use the delete key. Although I wanted to keep this particular comment up just to illustrate a point. Secondly, along with the many good people who choose to visit here and support me, I’ve brought along some folks who, well let’s just say they like to point out my shortcomings. Once the season starts, it’ll probably kick in more. So I guess my point is, if you’re going to be negative, make it interesting. No one wants to read the same old insults, folks.

David Letterman said “Youuuk” last night. Here’s proof:

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