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Photo day for the Mets was today! Getty Images didn’t disappoint – at least they posted ONE of Kyle and it’s good one! Photo taken by Doug Benc.

Getting updates today on intrasquad games made me happy and I needed to be made happy. After dodging the illness bullet for as long as I could, today I succumbed just a bit so I needed SOMETHING to get me going.

Kyle Snyder got some real pitching in today. Two innings. His first inning was 1-2-3 (caught Ramon Martinez looking, Ryan Church grounded out and Nick Evans struck out swinging). His second inning he gave up a single to Brian Schneider. So that made me happy as well. (Oddly enough, for all my complaining about not getting Kyle info, when I finally DO get some, it’s incomplete. I have no idea how the three outs in his second inning were made and, yes, this is information I find interesting.) Tuesday night the MLBN focuses on the Mets on their 30 days/30 teams show. So I’m eagerly awaiting that!

The big news in Ft Myers seems to be that JD Drew isn’t as aloof about his job as the media likes to portray him. I’ve been fighting with people about Drew ever since the 2007 season. I’ll admit I wasn’t thrilled with his signing. I hated his contract, I didn’t want him to wear number 7 and I thought he was a bit overrated – going by the contract Theo gave him. But I never bought into the culture that claims he doesn’t try, doesn’t care and is “soft”. So my feelings aside, I took up the cause of supporting JD and now he’s on the short list of my favorite players. So reading the headline of CHB’s Drew story today (“Drew’s Fire Burns Inside”), I expected another hatchet job by Shaughnessy. Honestly, it’s tough to tell if he’s being tongue in cheek with what he writes abotu JD. It all sounds positive, but there’s an air of sarcasm behind it. His opening shot is:

You’d like J.D. Drew.

Really. He’s not a diva. He’s not a crybaby. He actually does care.

I could be reading something into it that isn’t there, but this reeks of sarcasm, no? I just don’t trust the CHB to write a positive story about a player like JD Drew. I’ll always be suspicious of his motives and his meaning.

On the other hand, in a blurb on the Full Count blog, Rob Bradford gets the same point across (that point being, JD Drew isn’t a robot and actually exhibits human emotions) by relaying JD’s feelings about his final at-bat in the ALCS last year. (CHB touches on this as well…making sure to get his digs in at the Sox fans for the zillionth time in his career – but Bradford nails it in a much more efficient and illuminating manner.)

Full baseball games start Wednesday. Man, I can’t wait.

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