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Usually if I don’t post it’s because life just gets away from me and I don’t have the time to write something. Which means I end up realizing I didn’t write anything (which I hate, I like to get something down every day just to keep in that rhythm). But today the reason I didn’t write was because I was too busy reading.

I’ve made it through 237 pages of “The Yankee Years”. So far the most interesting parts have been those that don’t deal specifically with the Yankees (lots in there on PEDs and, believe it or not, the Red Sox), although I had a very tough time reliving October 2003. Two things I’ve found of real interest thus far: that Roger Clemens cried “uncontrollably” between innings after he threw the bat at Mike Piazza (was this ever revealed before? It certainly lends an air of weirdness and humanity to the Rocket) and the fact that the Yankees scouts working for the team back in 2000 never received World Series rings (one or two did because they pushed the issue, but the majority never did. How totally crappy is THAT?).

Page 238 is the beginning of Chapter 8: “The Issues of Alex”. This is the chapter I’ve been waiting for. This is the one that was worth the cost of the book, right? Well, we’ll see. I put the book down so I could write a little something tonight. And here you have it. At this point in the book, I’m a little bummed. It was to be expected. It’s the reason I wanted to start the book at Chapter Eight. The first 7 chapters, essentially, followed the best of Torre’s time with the Yankees. Have I mentioned that I’ve never seen Aaron Boone’s home run? Didn’t see it the night it happened and won’t watch replays of it. So reading about that time without having the convenience of a fast-forward button kind of sucked. I know I could have skipped over the entire 2003 post-season but I want to read this book cover to cover. No one will be able to accuse me of criticizing a book I haven’t read.

So to perk me up and get me psyched for the next chapter, I’m posting two videos that I posted around this same time last year. Both feature Rob Corddry on “The Daily Show” and both are from 2004. One during the summer and the other just after October 27th. Each captures the Red Sox fans emotions quite accurately for the times. And each one makes me laugh out loud…even now.

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