You’re a pain in every day of every month of every year

Don’t mind me, I had a bit of a crappy day so I’m just going to rant for a few minutes.

* If the best that someone at can come up with is a story about Game 4 of the 2004 World Series…what hope does someone like me have in coming up with an interesting topic?

Mike Lowell photo taken by me in 2006

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I could write or talk about the 2004 World Series all day and night. And I have. But if you have access, I’d think you could find something better to spend your time on, no? It isn’t as if it’s an anniversary of the win. is just trying to get folks to watch Game 4 on their site Wednesday morning.

Honestly, is there anyone out there who would sit and watch a four year-old baseball game who doesn’t already own it? (And if there is you can buy the 2004 World Series Collector’s Edition on sale here.)

* Did Joba Chamberlain have his DUI arraignment delayed so he could appear on the MLB Network? I mean, what the hell? He can’t bother to show up for court after blowing 0.134 (when 0.08 is the limit in Nebraska) but he can sit down in New York for an ass kissing from Al Leiter? As if I needed another reason to dislike this kid.

* I love that Tony Massarotti felt that the deadline for Tek to decide whether or not to accept the offer the Red Sox put forth needed to be “clarified“. I think it’s fair to assume that Varitek AND Boras already knew when the deadline was and weren’t relying on the Boston sports media to tell them. No worries, Tek, Massarotti has your back. (And in case you’re reading this, Jason, Tony says the deadline is Friday. Don’t forget now!)

* My friend Kelly Jefferson is a huge Worcester Tornadoes fan. I’m not sure she’ll watch them this season, though, if Manny Ramirez accepts their offer.

* Hey, we can all rest easily now! Slappy isn’t offended by the Joe Torre book he hasn’t read yet. Phew. That’s a relief.

* Rob Bradford has the goods on Mike Lowell. It’s definitely a good news/bad news situation. Knowing that it was important to him, I feel sorry for Mike that he won’t be in the WBC. As a fan of his and the team he plays for? I couldn’t be happier. If we could kidnap all of the Sox players who are/could be playing in the WBC and then return them to Ft Myers once the WBC has begun, I’d be a really happy gal.

Truck Day is a week from this coming Friday. It’s the little things in life that keep me going.

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