Leigh Teixeira has no idea what awaits her

Johnny Knoxville photo from EOnline.com

Johnny Knoxville photo from EOnline.com

Let’s see.  Mark Teixeira gets an enormous contract from the New York Yankees.  Mark Teixeira is also, historically, a very slow starter.

Yankees fans are somewhat notorious for booing their high-paid players who don’t perform well on demand.

Yeah, April and May should be a blast for the Teixeiras.  I think the missus should stay away from the park until maybe June.

But, honestly, what did you expect him to say?  “We really wanted to play in Baltimore but what idiots would turn down what the Yankees offered?”?  No player would ever be that honest.

I watched a little of his interview with Hazel Mae on the MLB Network last night.  I lost count of how many times he mentioned that his sister lives in New Jersey.  It was his passive way of saying “See, it wasn’t about the money!  Jersey is close to New York!”.

So the Red Sox were never in it.  Will this shut up everyone bitching about how Theo couldn’t get it done?  Teixeira is where he wants to be.  At the very least, he’s where his wife wants him to be.  And even if he isn’t, it’s the store we’ll be beaten to death with in 2009.

Follow up to the last post.  In this article about Teixeira,  I found a line that made me laugh out loud:

They talked about family, routines, influential coaches and Teixeira’s assessment of the Yankees. The hours seemed to fly by, said Cashman, who marveled at the lessons Teixeira had absorbed from former teammates like Chipper Jones.

Mrs Teixeira should have told her husband to sign with a city that doesn’t have a Hooters in it.

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