My Man, Mike Timlin

One of my favorite Timlin pictures of all time - taken by Stan Grossfeld

One of my favorite Timlin pictures of all time - taken by Stan Grossfeld

I don’t think it’s speaking out of school to mention that Mike Timlin and I have a mutual friend.  I think I’ve written before about the first time I was introduced to Mike (in the middle of a game, at the bullpen!) so I don’t feel like I’m divulging anything I’m uncomfortable letting people in on.

Not too long ago, that friend emailed me that he had taken Mike and his family to the airport.  They were off to Colorado since the season was over.  My friend was sad about that and also indicated, or at least implied, that Mike wouldn’t be back.  Which bummed me out, but it was something I expected so I didn’t take it too hard.

This though?  I don’t know HOW to feel about it.


Epstein said that Mike Timlin wants to pitch next season, but it won’t be in Boston. Epstein found it remarkable that Timlin spent six seasons with the Red Sox.

I am totally not prepared for Mike Timlin to continue pitching and have it not be in Boston.  Having written that, if this had happened after 2006, I would have been devastated.  After 2007, it would have upset me, but I would have understood it from both sides and dealt with it fine.  Now?  I suppose there IS a part of me that believes Mike still has something to contribute to a team.  But there’s a more selfish part of me that thinks another year of wear and tear on his body is going to diminish what he’s accomplished in his career and I don’t want to see that.  I also really, REALLY wanted to see him retire as a Red Sox player.

You can’t always get what  you want, eh?

Speaking of which, today is Election Day in the United States.  If you haven’t already, please go out and vote.  I’m not here to tell you which candidate to vote for.  (That’s what my Facebook page is for 😉 ) But I do think it’s important that everyone get out and make their voice heard.  There are so many who don’t have this amazing privilege – don’t waste it.  Especially you women! 1920 wasn’t SO long ago!

One last word on Mike.  Ultimately, as not only a fan of the Red Sox, but a fan of his as well, I’ll support whatever he decides.  So be prepared for updates on the Orioles or Rockies or whichever team he might end up with!  Good luck, Mike!

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